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BRB Introduces BRB 1934, a Gum Blend for Hair & Skin Care Applications

Published on 2017-07-18. Author : SpecialChem

BRB Silicones has introduced BRB 1934, a high viscosity gum blend of dimethiconol gum in cyclopentasiloxane for personal care completing its gum blends portfolio.

BRB Introduces BRB 1934, Gum Blend for Hair & Skin Care Applications
BRB Introduces BRB 1934, Gum Blend for Hair &
Skin Care Applications

Gum Blends Portfolio Expansion

This product family, consisting of high viscosity gums diluted in a volatile carrier, is already well established on the Personal Care market. Beside Hair Care applications such as hair serums, gum blends are largely used in other applications taking advantage of benefits such as spreadability, excellent emolliency and smooth non-greasy feel of those cost effective products.

Global Product Line Manager for Personal Care, Grégoire Amice mentioned:

“Thanks to our tailor made capabilities, we probably have the largest portfolio of gum blends on the market. With 2 production and R&D facilities in the Netherlands and Malaysia, we are regularly requested from our customers to develop specific solutions to their needs.

Beside standard grades with cyclopentasiloxane, we continuously increased the range with other carriers such as the low viscosity dimethicones, anticipating regulatory trends which required low D4 and D5 contents. Those quick customization capabilities of BRB are really appreciated from our customers on a quickly moving market. This is our passion to bring this flexibility to support our customers.”

BRB 1934

BRB 1934 is a clear solution of dimethiconol gum into cyclopentasiloxane fluid.

  • Imparts emollience to skin, providing dry silky feel
  • Gives spreadability to any kind of formula
  • Provides a breathable non-comedogenic protection barrier
  • Improves substantivity on surface, helping to fix other actives
  • Water resistance supply on skin and hair, with non-occlusive film
  • Yields shine and high conditioning effect on hair


  • Superior soft and dry silky feel
  • Film forming and long lasting
  • Excellent spreading
  • Water resistance
  • High conditioning on hair. Repairs and protects from external damage

Typical Data

  • Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy viscous liquid
  • Silicone content: 100 %
  • Dimethiconol: 15 %
  • Viscosity: 10.000 mm²/s

A perfect mix of dynamic and youthful élan BRB International BV, a dynamic and innovative company, has an extensive experience in the fields of Silicones, Lubricants, Additives and Chemicals. BRB International BV is now of its kind, one of the largest independent and privately owned companies in the world with a turnover close to €150 million.

From the large range of products marketed by two business units (Silicones and Lubricants, Additives & Chemicals), BRB International BV supplies to a broad range of customers in many different markets, including Lube Oil Blending, Cosmetic Industry, Graphic Industry, Automotive, Off Shore Industry and High Tech industries.

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Source: BRB Silicones
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