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Berkem Unveils New Upcycled Active Ingredient for Skin Regeneration

Published on 2022-12-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Berkem Unveils New Upcycled Active Ingredient for Skin Regeneration Berkem unveils new active ingredient from kiwi leaves, Ki’Leaft®. It is a 100% natural extract made from upcycled organically grown and certified kiwi leaves.

Strengthens Skin’s Barrier Function

Due to its high sugar and polyphenol content, Ki’Leaft® has an immediate tightening effect. It also helps to regenerate the skin, strengthen its barrier function and structure, and has a strong antioxidant capacity. The effects of aging on the skin are manifested by the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

These are the result of a loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin due to the breakdown and/or non-renewal of elastin and collagen. Additionally, aging, genetics, lifestyle, exposure to pollution, and even psychological stress can also have an impact on the skin by altering its regenerative capacity and the proper restoration of its biological skin functions.

Mechanism of action:

  • Immediate tightening effect on the skin
  • Lifting effect
  • Contributes to skin regeneration
  • Strengthens the skin’s barrier function and structure
  • Antioxidant effect

The skin is the interface between bodies and the external environment, acting as a barrier and providing physical protection. This barrier function is ensured by the cellular cohesion of the epidermis, but as it ages, this barrier becomes less resistant to mechanical friction and its protection progressively diminishes.

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Source: Berkem

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