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BASF Wins Award for Its Natural Actives & Digital Tool for Emollients

Published on 2021-04-23. Author : SpecialChem

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BASF_Wins_AwardBASF receives the first prize of the BSB Innovation Award 2021 in three categories: Emollient Jockey, Lamesoft® Balance and PeptAIde™ 4.0. The awards are presented to innovative solutions in the cosmetics sector for finished products and raw materials in different categories.

Find Best-performing Emollient

Emollient Jockey, a digital tool that provides comprehensive data on an emollient’s characteristics and performance, achieved first place in the “Concepts” category. It transparently links emollient mixes (type and dosage) with physico-chemical and sensorial properties, thus improving the product design experience for customers thanks to digital convenience, faster prototyping and brand customization.

I am very proud that to date, we have been honored by BSB nineteen times for our solutions. This recognition motivates us even more to continue to support our customers in developing high-performing, state-of-the-art and above all sustainable cosmetic products – be it with innovative ingredients or new, complementary digital technologies that facilitate efficient product development and effective product design,” said Christian Somigliana, market development personal Care Europe.

Stabilizer for Skin & Hair Cleansing Formulations

BASF’s readily biodegradable Lamesoft® Balance, a product for the stabilization of ingredients in skin and hair cleansing formulations, achieved first place in the “Functionals and Recipients” sub-category of “Cosmetics”.

Acting as a natural structure enhancer in surfactant-based systems, Lamesoft® Balance allows to stabilize wax-based opacifiers in rinse-off applications – even in low-viscosity formulations. Performance and sensory tests have shown that Lamesoft Balance enhances foam properties in body wash formulations and provides a pleasant skin feeling.

In shampoo formulations containing cationic conditioning agents, Lamesoft Balance has proven to significantly boost the hair conditioning effect. Due to its composition of hydrogenated castor oil and APG®, the readily biodegradable product is cold-processable and easy to formulate.

Protects Skin & Hair Against Silent Inflammation

The active ingredient PeptAIde™ 4.0, a plant-based product derived from rice proteins, was awarded first place in the section “Pigmentation, Brightness, Silent Inflammation” of the “Actives” sub-category.

PeptAIde™ 4.0 offers a safe and nature-based remedy for hair and skin damage caused by silent inflammation. To develop this plant-based product, BASF researchers used the power of artificial intelligence: numerous peptides – short chains of amino-acids linked by peptide bonds – were screened for their ability to help prevent the release of inflammatory mediators, such as TNFα.

With the help of a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process, these peptides were then unlocked from organic rice proteins (Oryza sativa). PeptAlde 4.0 is scientifically proven to prevent dry skin, discomfort and loss of firmness, while soothing sensitive scalps that are prone to dandruff.

Source: BASF
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