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BASF Presents Natural Ingredients for Skin & Hair Care at SEPAWA 2021

Published on 2021-10-15. Edited By : SpecialChem

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BASF SEPAWA 2021BASF and its European distribution organization BTC Europe present solutions for applications in the personal care, home care, industrial and institutional cleaning markets on the virtual SEPAWA platform from 13-15 October 2021.

Demand for Natural Cosmetics

Consumer demand for natural cosmetics is growing rapidly, prompting personal care manufacturers to find eco-friendly alternatives to tried-and-true solutions. During the virtual SEPAWA, BASF's Care Creations® presents its latest renewable-based innovations for sustainable personal care applications.

100% Naturally Derived Surfactants

BASF expands its SFA product family with two new surfactants that are both 100% derived from natural, renewable RSPO-certified resources and readily biodegradable: Texapon® SFA UP Powder, the dried unpreserved Texapon® SFA in powder form, and Plantapon® SFA, a blend of Alkyl Polyglucoside (APG®) and Texapon® SFA.

Texapon® SFA UP Powder and Plantapon® SFA are both suitable as alternatives to surfactants containing sulfate or ethylene oxide derivatives. As they are ultra-mild on the skin and mucous membrane, they can even be used for tear-free formulations in baby products and at the same time provide a creamy, rich foam. Their long-term stability makes them perfect for formulations in the low pH range (4.5 to 5.5).

Additionally, Texapon® SFA UP Powder and Plantapon® SFA can act as conditioning boosters as they enhance the conditioning performance of cationic polymers in shampoos. Good wet and dry combability results were achieved even without the presence of polymers, allowing for easy to use, convenience driven head-to-toe cosmetic solutions. Texapon® SFA UP Powder allows for zero waste rinse-off bar concepts and is the ideal choice for customers striving to meet the consumer trend for solid personal care products.

The products complement the already existing portfolio of BASF’s SFA product family comprising Texapon® SFA, a mild anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified, renewable resources, and Dehyton® SFA, a blend of Texapon® SFA and betaine.

Hydagen® Clean - Natural Texturizing Polymer

With the COSMOS-approved texturizing biopolymer Hydagen® Clean, BASF now offers another natural alternative to synthetic polymers. The cold-processable rheology modifier, obtained from the tuber of the konjac plant native to southwest China, is suitable for aqueous systems like gels, fluids and serums, as well as more novel formats, such as patches, jellies and peel-off formulations.

Its film-forming and gelation properties allow for exceptional textures. It is the perfect addition to BASF’s Care Creations existing biopolymer portfolio, which is built on a class of natural rheology modifiers including Rheocare® XGN (pure vegan xanthan gum) and Hydagen® 558 P (based on algae).

Seanactiv™ - Fucoidan-rich Algae Extract Revitalizes Eye Contour

The eye area is the first part of the body to reveal visible signs of fatigue, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and aging. With Seanactiv™, BASF’s Care Creations has developed a new ingredient based on the organic-certified marine algae fucus vesiculosus that improves eye contour appearance within the first week of application.

The ingredient harnesses the power of the active fucoidan molecule present in the algae to provide a three-step action: it improves the appearance of both dark circles and crow’s feet wrinkles and enhances skin luminosity of the eye area for a fresher, healthier complexion. Seanactiv™ is 99.8 percent from natural origin and complies with the COSMOS standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

Source: BASF

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