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Study Confirms Effect of BASF’s Bix’Activ® on Oily African Skin

Published on 2019-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

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BASF_Bix_Activ_for_oily_skin BASF has customized personal skin care products to unique requirements of African skin. The topical solutions are often not suitable for the oily skin and 35 percent people worldwide grapple with it. Therefore, BASF’s Bix’Activ® is especially effective on oily African skin, confirmed in a clinical study in Mauritius.

African type of skin not only tends to produce more sebum but also has a different composition of skin lipids, shininess and sebum. An in-vivo study was conducted in 2018, Bix’Activ proved to decrease pore size, sebaceous gland activity and skin imperfection in Asian population.

New Placebo-controlled Study

A new placebo-controlled study was conducted to confirm the efficacy of Bix’Activ for the unique characteristics of African type skin.

• It showed a decrease in sebum secretion to the skin surface by 44 percent.
• An 11 percent decrease in shininess compared to the first day of study.
• 93 percent perceived their skin to be less oily.
• 90 percent felt their skin looked healthier.
• In self-assessment, majority of volunteers reported healthier skin.

Bixa Orellana Seeds Targets Main Cause of Oily Skin

The natural active ingredient in Bix’Activ is an extract of Bixa Orellana seeds, restricts the overproduction of lipids in sebaceous glands. It is suitable for use in NATRUE-certified formulations and conforms to the COSMOS standard for natural and organic cosmetics.

BASF’s overall strategy is to develop consumer-oriented solutions and customized skin care products for the sub-Saharan African beauty market.

Source: BASF
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