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Ashland at in-cosmetics: Launches Polymers for Hair Care, Deodorants & Bio-engineered Peptide for Skin Care

Published on 2013-04-17. Author : SpecialChem

Ashland Care Specialties, a business unit of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, announced the launch of new, innovative personal care products at ongoing in-cosmetics event in Paris.

Conditioneze™ and Conditioneze™ 37 Cationic Solutions for Soft, Silky, Well-conditioned Hair

Conditioneze™ 22 and Conditioneze™ 37 cationic solutions, two polyquaternium polymers designed to impart deep conditioning, luster, and soft, silky-feeling properties to hair. Ashland added the technologies to its leading portfolio of conditioning and deposition polymers to better support makers of hair care products with formulation-friendly conditioning solutions. The new offerings allow formulators to produce with relative ease a range of higher-value products aimed at today's trend toward well-conditioned, beautiful-looking hair.

Conditioneze 22 cationic solution, an aqueous copolymer of dimethyl ammonium chloride and acrylic acid, is recommended for use in colorant products, ethnic hair care and shampoos and conditioners formulated for damaged and treated hair. Conditioneze 37 cationic dispersion is composed of homopolymers dispersed in propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate (E version) or mineral oil (M version). This highly functional dispersion imparts excellent conditioning benefits in conditioners and hair masques and acts as a rheology modifier, enabling an enhanced rheology profile.

"Hair and skin care product formulators have relied on Ashland's conditioning polymer ingredient portfolio for decades to achieve a wide range of consumer benefits," said David Popplewell, global marketing manager, hair care, Ashland Care Specialties. "With the addition of two polyquarterium conditioning technologies to the Conditioneze brand, we now offer formulators a larger spectrum of choices to develop higher-value products for today's discerning customers. Adding these technologies to the Ashland portfolio allow formulators to call on us for deep-conditioning solutions based on polyquaternium-22 and polyquaternium-37, and at the same time, call on us for highly efficient conditioning technology such as N-Hance™ SP-100 and N-Hance™ 4572 conditioning polymers."

APShield™ 100, the First Polymer to Advance the Performance of Antiperspirants with a Minimum of Aluminum Salt

APShield™ 100 polymer, the first commercially available polymer technology demonstrated to advance the performance attributes of antiperspirant products. Formulators may now use a functional polymer to create high-performing antiperspirants with significantly less aluminum salt, while maintaining the efficacy of products labeled as "enhanced duration." APShield 100 polymer, a PVM/MA decadiene copolymer, is optimized for use in anhydrous antiperspirant stick and roll-on formulations.

"A range of demonstration formulations containing the APShield 100 polymer indicates aluminum salt content may be reduced in anhydrous formulations from 25 percent to as low as 5 percent without compromising antiperspirant effects," said Sarah Thiewes, global marketing manager, skin care, Ashland Care Specialties. "Formulators and marketers focused on new, more efficient antiperspirant formulations with lower levels of aluminum salt may consider APShield 100 polymer as a 'drop-in' solution."

APShield 100 polymer is distinguished by its high-adhesion properties. High-adhesion properties offer efficiency in formulation and in use. Achieving efficiency in both areas allows formulators of antiperspirants to significantly lower the amount of aluminum salts in stick compositions and roll-on compositions, including those that typically contain higher levels of aluminum salt to support label claims such as "extra effective" and "enhanced duration."

Actopontine™ Biofunctional, a Bio-engineered Peptide Based on the Skin's Foundation

Actopontine™ biofunctional, a bio-engineered peptide designed to support skin's own production of a key protein called dermatopontin. Dermatopontin is believed to be one of the most important proteins necessary to rebuild the foundation of skin.

Ashland's new offering is the first commercially available peptide demonstrated in vitro and ex vivo to increase the presence of a series of proteins known to facilitate the foundation of skin.

"Your skin is only as good as its foundation," said Anne Clay, marketing manager, skin care biofunctionals, Ashland Care Specialties. "Actopontine biofunctional is conceived as a potential pathway to help skin restore its foundational proteins that diminish with age and ultimately cause skin to sag and lose its critical collagen integrity. Actopontine biofunctional provides skin care formulators with an entirely new approach to resupplying the skin's extracellular matrix with the proteins it may require to enhance skin density and skin elasticity."

Based on the results of in vivo and ex vivo testing, Ashland will support a range of cosmetic formulations, including anti-aging skin care products, formulations to advance skin firmness and elasticity, facial day and night creams and other body care formulations.

"Nurturing the normal biological processes associated with rebuilding and remodeling skin's extracellular matrix is one of the most practical yet innovative approaches to anti-aging skin care. Actopontine biofunctional is aimed at restoring a youthful look to skin by facilitating the skin's own production of dermatopontin, a key glycoprotein required to set in motion collagen and other proteins that, collectively, support skin's matrix," said Clay.

About Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., offers industry-leading products, technologies and resources for solving formulation and product performance challenges in key markets including personal care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, coatings and energy. Using natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic polymers derived from plant and seed extract, cellulose ethers and vinyl pyrrolidones, Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for today's demanding consumer and industrial applications.

About Ashland

In more than 100 countries, the people of Ashland Inc. provide the specialty chemicals, technologies and insights to help customers create new and improved products for today and sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Our chemistry is at work every day in a wide variety of markets and applications, including architectural coatings, automotive, construction, energy, food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, tissue and towel, and water treatment.

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