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Alban Muller’s Perfect Natural Formula for 'Cloudless Skin' - VELVET SORBET CREAM®

Published on 2018-02-09. Author : SpecialChem

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Alban Muller has developed the perfect formula: the VELVET SORBET CREAM® - an ultra-sensorial gel-cream highly concentrated in natural active ingredients. It offers the skin global protection against external hazards and to actively enhance complexion.

Alban Muller’s Perfect Natural Formula for Cloudless Skin - VELVET SORBET CREAM®
Alban Muller’s Perfect Natural Formula for Cloudless Skin

Acknowledging ‘Cloudless Skin’ Beauty Trend

'Cloudless skin' refers to discoloration-free skin, completely clear and bright as a sunny sky. The trend speaks to the overall health of the skin. The motto is: Taking care of the skin through a consistent routine with the right product over time.

Acknowledging this growing beauty trend, Alban Muller has developed the VELVET SORBET CREAM®.

VELVET SORBET CREAM® Reinforces the Skin Barrier

For clear, healthy, supple “Cloudless skin”, the unique biological proprieties of the VELVET SORBET CREAM® reinforces the skin barrier, leaving the skin looking healthy & smooth. Expert in the formulation of 100% made in France natural cosmetics, Alban Muller offers this specific product, ready to be filled and distributed to promote complete “Cloudless skin”.

Amiporine®ER – A 100% Natural Extract of Pomegranate

Tested for efficacy, the properties of Amiporine®ER, a 100% natural dry extract of pomegranate, restore the circulation of water within the skin. By fixing the skin’s water balance, Amiporine®ER rejuvenates the complexion: as the epidermis moisturizes, the skin recovers its suppleness and radiance. In combination, Amiperfect®, a pure natural salicylic acid, eco-responsibly extracted from wintergreen leaves, refines the skin texture for a smoother, glowing, luminous complexion.  

The VELVET SORBET CREAM® has a unique ‘blur effect’ texture bringing the softness of a cream and the lightness of a gel. It fades wrinkles, leaves a matte and light powder finish that addresses perfectly the pursuit of 'Cloudless skin.’ 

Source: Alban Muller
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