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Alban Muller’s Natural Solution to Overcome Blue Light Damage - Cytokalmine® ER

Published on 2017-11-23. Author : SpecialChem

Alban Muller has offered new natural solution Cytokalmine® ER to overcome the harmful effect of blue light emission.

Alban Muller’s Natural Solution to Overcome Blue Light Damage
Alban Muller’s Natural Solution to Overcome Blue Light Damage

Harmful Effects of Blue Light Penetration

A high exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices and energy-efficient lightbulbs can be harmful and causing deleterious effects on human health, and especially on the skin.

Indeed, knowing that harmful effect of a visible light depends on its property to penetrate into the tissues, the blue light (400−495 nm) appears to be worse than UV rays (280-400 nm). More penetrating, blue light alters the skin’s barrier and increases oxidative stress leading to premature skin aging .

Artificial blue light is now everywhere, every day, and it is constantly present in the tools we use for social communication: our lifestyle compels us to increasingly rely on all types of screens. Acknowledging this public health concern, Alban Muller has offered solutions to bring down this new enemy of skin.

To offer the skin global protection against external aggressions, the different forms of pollution and photo-pollution in particular, Alban Muller provides a specific high-tech active for cosmetics formula.

Cytokalmine® ER

Cytokalmine® ER, 100% natural dry extract of pomegranate pericarp, in a maltitol carrier, is designed to answer a double targeted action: by reducing the general mechanism of inflammatory reaction and oxidative stress.

Cytokalmine® ER is tested for effectiveness and features unique biological properties. Tested in-vitro and ex-vitro, Cytokalmine® ER proves drastic reduction of the secretion of inflammatory cytokines and decreases the production of ROS free radicals responsible for skin inflammation.

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Source: Alban Muller International
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