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Alban Muller Launches Plant-based Cosmetics Actives, Repulpami ER & Amiox ER

Published on 2013-06-05. Author : SpecialChem

Alban Muller International, expert partner of the next generation cosmetics, has launched two new products developed in compliance with its eco-responsible approach at the recently held in-cosmetics trade show:

Repulpami ER, a global anti-aging active: plumping, firming, and anti-wrinkle

Developed by bringing together White Hibiscus (bissap) and Baobab from the Tambacounda and Louga regions, Repulpami ER targets the factors responsible for the visible signs of skin ageing. It acts by a combination of actions: a plumping action by inhibiting lipolysis and stimulating adipogenesis, a firming action by stimulating the expression of the genes coding for the proteins responsible for tight-junctions and thus for the strength and tone of the skin, and an anti-wrinkle action/botox-like effect achieved by reducing face muscle contractions. Repulpami ER is the ideal active for global anti-ageing face care products, mature skin care products, anti-wrinkle, resurfacing, firming, plumping products, lip, bust, neck and décolleté care products, firming products for the arms. This product has been developed in compliance with the A.M.I. eco-responsibility approach, as part of USAID projects in Senegal (the United States Agency for International Development), aiming at promoting the women's work and a sustainable local economy.

Amiox ER, a natural antioxidant to protect oil-soluble ingredients and cosmetics formulas

Amiox ER is a concentrated extract of a rosemary variety rich in active principles, resulting from a rigorous argonomic selection. It is titrated in carnosic acid and carnosol, molecules with recognized antioxidant properties. The extraction is made with plant-based ethanol allowing Amiox ER to conform to the Cosmos standard. Amiox ER is an excellent alternative to traditional antioxidants.

These two products come in addition to the ones already launched at the beginning of the year at the Cosmetagora show:

Amiderm ER: a smart plant-based solution to preserve the pH of the skin

Based on the specificity of a witch hazel tannin, Amiderm ER offers an anti-urease activity which prevents the degradation of urea in ammonia. Amiderm ER thus enables stabilizing the skin pH and maintains its natural protection avoiding irritation and unpleasant smell production while respecting the organism and the cutaneous flora. Amiderm ER mode of action makes it the essential ingredient in all situations when skin is stressed by an increase in pH: excessive perspiration, particularly sensitive areas of the body, babies' bottom, etc.

Paraben-free distilled waters of Cornflower and Witch Hazel

Formulated with an innovative preservative system accepted by the natural and organic standards (first natural preservative Amipreserve ER, salicylic acid extracted from Wintergreen, and sodium benzoate) ; distilled waters offer the virtues of the plants they are made with: soothing and softness for Cornflower, softness and freshness for Witch Hazel.

About Alban Muller International

Specialized in naturals, Alban Muller International is a service company at the cutting edge of innovation. It has been the partner of beauty and health industries since 1978. Ensuring the development and the manufacturing of its products thanks to its research center and its manufacturing site, it provides a complete and flexible services offer (R&D, ingredients, finished products, eco-designing, regulations, marketing).Alban Muller International follows a global ecoresponsible approach, in the respect of man and the environment, and a certified quality policy putting the customers' satisfaction in the heart of its priorities.

Source: Alban Muller International

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