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Alban Muller Launches Milk Thistle-derived Lipolami® ER for Sensory Textures & Protection

Published on 2015-12-02. Author : SpecialChem

Alban Muller International announces the launch of multi-functional cosmetics ingredient Lipolami® ER [INCI: Silybum Marianum Ethyl Ester], a blend of esters obtained from milk thistle oil.

Alban Muller Launches Milk Thistle-derived Lipolami® ER
Fig. 1: Alban Muller Launches Milk Thistle-derived Lipolami® ER

Lipolami® ER is obtained by transesterifying triglycerides from milk thistle fatty acids. This eco-responsible process produces monoesters, which give the oil its dermocosmetic properties. These natural fatty acid esters are extremely fluid and dry to the touch, which means it can be used to formulate lighter textures than vegetable oils whilst retaining their precious properties. Nowadays, multifunctional actives represent a strong trend on the cosmetic ingredient market. These multi-target solutions are able to cover several concerns with only one product.

Lipolami® ER Milk Thistle is a natural alternative to silicones. This multifunctional ingredient provides skin barrier protection due to richness in linoleic acid that reinforces cell cohesion. Because of low viscosity and low surface tension it exhibits high spreading ability.

Lipolami® ER can fulfil several roles as part of cosmetic formulas. According to several tests, it combines its sensory appeal with extremely interesting technical benefits:

• Stability and fi eness of emulsions
• Disperses and solubilizes sunscreens
• Disperses pigments and minerals
• Solubilizer for perfumes (perfumed bases and essential oils)
• Effective solubilizer for oily substances

It can be used to formulate finished products with a smooth, silky and non-sticky texture with no silicones. It provides a feeling of extreme softness when applied. Lipolami® ER is also an active ingredient source of omega-6 linoleic fatty acid that contributes to reinforce the skin barrier.

About Alban Muller International

Alban Muller International develops and manufactures plant extracts and skincare products, mastering every stages of the process, from the plants used for the extracts. It offers both off-the shelf products and services, including development, tests, manufacturing and packaging. With more 35 years of research, Alban Muller International produces natural products from tested High-Tech actives to natural sensory skincare products, going through titrated concentrated actives and natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients.

Source: Alban Muller International 

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