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Alban Muller to Present Cosmetic Botanical Actives at SCC Suppliers’ Day 2017

Published on 2017-10-24. Author : SpecialChem

Alban Muller will introduce the newest cosmetics innovations at Supplier’s day at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. Alban Muller's commitment to natural innovation is stronger than ever, to meet the needs and expectations of beauty consumers.

Alban Muller to Present Cosmetic Botanical Actives
Alban Muller to Present Cosmetic Botanical Actives

Alban Muller will showcase innovative natural actives, new standardized plant extracts and skincare en vogue.

Ready to Beauty

Based on its botanical expertise, Alban Muller has developed natural & sensorial skincare formulas, with high quality natural ingredients, free of silicones, parabens and mineral oil, ready to be filled and distributed. These formulations are rich in plant extracts and tested actives, in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for cosmetics.

23 New Cosme-Phytamis®

Alban Muller has developed an exclusive new range of plant extracts: Cosme-Phytamis®. It surpasses all quality, safety and regulation requirements.

Alban Muller unique extraction and drying process, Zeodration, guarantees standardized and reproducible concentration in active molecules. Cosme-Phytamis®’s concentrations deliver active molecules 5x to 10x higher than any other extract on the market. This new generation of plant extracts is globally compliant and preservative free.

Borealine Active

Alban Muller, in partnership with Bio ForeXtra, has developed the first green cosmetic ingredients, clinically tested, from recycled boreal forest tree barks in Canada. Borealine actives benefit and result from Alban Muller’s exclusive extraction process.

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Source: Alban Muller
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