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Alban Muller’s Multifunctional Natural Active Lipolami® ER Gets Innovation Award

Published on 2017-06-26. Author : SpecialChem

Alban Muller’s ingredient Lipolami® ER has won the China 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Functional Ingredients in the Personal Care Industry.

Alban Muller’s Active Lipolami® ER Gets Innovation Award
Alban Muller’s Active Lipolami® ER Gets Innovation Award

Multifunctional Ingredient

Carola Schwaiberger, International Export Manager at Alban Muller, was honored to attend the convention, organized by BDIH, which took place in Mannheim, Germany recently. Major cosmetic companies focused on natural ingredients were invited.

Lipolami® ER

Carola Schwaiberger gave a talk about Lipolami® ER, a multi-functional natural ingredient.

  • Obtained from milk thistle the Lipolami® ER is a 100% natural fluid and dry soft-touch ester
  • Thanks to the richness in Linoleic acid that reinforces cell cohesion, Lipolami ER stands as a powerful ingredient and texture agent – offering incredible skin barrier protection properties. 
  • Lipolami® ER ensures pleasant and extreme softness upon application and performs as an ideal natural alternative to silicones.

Beyond its capacity to offer luxurious textures, Lipolami® ER may also be used in cosmetics products to provide a perfect wetting property for pigments and minerals.

The BDIH event was an ideal occasion to share more about Alban Muller’s expertise. Alban Muller is the specialist in natural cosmetics and manufacturing from an eco-responsible extraction process.

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Source: Alban Muller
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