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Sep 1, 2014 | Product News

ZO Skin Health Launches Skincare Products to Combat Pigmentation & Promote Brightness

ZO Skin Health, Inc. has revealed two new products developed by Zein Obagi, MD to further enhance the ZO® Skin Health Circle™ continuum of care – ZO® Medical C-Bright™ 10% Vitamin C Serum and ZO®...

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Jul 18, 2014 | Product News

ECOCERT Certifies TRI-K Industries' Four Products Used for Skin & Hair Care

TRI-K Industries, Inc. has announced that its four new raw materials are now ECOCERT approved: Baobab Tein NPNF™, Quinoa Pro NPNF™, Rice Tein NPNF™ and TRIglyphix® Sense. These products can be used...

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Feb 20, 2014 | Product News

Ashland at PCHi 2014: Discusses GP4G SP Biofunctional's Ability to Prevent Skin Damage

Ashland Inc. announced it will present new data at the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients Exhibition (PCHi) in Shanghai that demonstrates how plankton extract rich in GP4G nucleotides limits the...

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Oct 21, 2013 | Product News

IBR's PhytoflORAL® Exhibits a Significant Photoprotective Effect in New Clinical Study

IBR announces that its nutricosmetics ingredient PhytoflORAL® presented a significant photoprotective effect highlighted by a significant increase of the Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED) after UV...

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Mar 12, 2013 | Product News

Evonik at PCHi 2013: to Present Innovative Ingredients & Concepts for Cosmetics & Personal Care

Evonik Industries will be exhibiting at the forthcoming PCHi 2013 for cosmetics, personal care and homecare formulations during March 13-15 at Booth K16, Hall 4 at Poly World Trade Center in...

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Aug 13, 2014 | Product News

New Study Confirms Anti-pollution Properties of Lipotec's LIPOCHROMAN® Synthetic Molecule

Lipotec's research on anti-aging has recently put the focus on the anti-pollution properties of the well-known antioxidant ingredient LIPOCHROMAN® synthetic molecule. The recent in vitro results...

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Mar 26, 2014 | Product News

Elizabeth Arden Launches Professional Skincare Line to Address Four Major Skin Conditions

Elizabeth Arden, Inc. introduces new Elizabeth Arden Rx, a comprehensive professional skincare line to address four key skin conditions—Anti-Aging, Brightening, Clarifying, and Hydration—combining...

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Oct 24, 2013 | Product News

Lipotec's Juvefoxo™ Exhibits Significant Reduction of UV-mediated DNA Damage

Lipotec introduced Juvefoxo™, a novel peptide directed at minimizing the accumulation of DNA damage, which can slowly downregulate genes in charge of longevity, quality and functionality of cells...

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May 23, 2013 | Product News

Eucerin Presents SUN FACE Range to Prevent Premature Skin Aging & Pigmentation Spots

Eucerin has now developed a new advanced concept of the SUN FACE range that offers biological protection from within. The Eucerin SUN FACE products with improved textures and formulas are developed...

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Mar 12, 2013 | Product News

Entia Files Patent for its Ergothioneine Used for Improving Growth & Health of Hair, Skin & Nails

Entia Biosciences announced that it has filed a PCT patent covering the use of Ergothioneine and/or Vitamin D2 to improve the growth and health of hair, skin and nails. The scientific knowledge...

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