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TRI-K Opens Protein Production Plant in the U.S.

Published on 2020-08-03. Edited By : SpecialChem

TRIK_Protein_ProductionTRI-K announces the opening of new proteins production plant in Derry, the U.S. with expanded capacity for proteins production and larger overall footprint for other actives.

TRI-K Provides Sustainable Beauty Solutions

TRI-K’s overarching mission is to provide sustainable beauty and wellness solutions through innovation and excellence. TRI-K strives to be the pioneer and global partner of choice for beauty solutions through its wide-ranging portfolio of products that include proteins, peptides, natural synergy actives and modern preservative blends.

According to Shirish Sawale, proteins business manager at TRI-K, “Our natural proteins and peptides continue to push the innovation trends in hair and skin care. This added capacity and enhanced R&D capabilities will provide sustainable, innovative customer centric solutions.”

Manufactures High Priority Ingredients

Today’s market is led by turbulence and uncertainty, especially in the immediacy of supply chain. TRI-K mitigates this risk by maintaining US manufacturing control. All proteins are manufactured in the Derry, NH facility with the addition of specific high priority ingredients, such as natural peptides, specialty actives and preservative blends. TRI-K has a network of distributors across the globe that help to make a seamless delivery of these ingredients.

The Derry facility is fully certified for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for 2020, covering the design, manufacturing and distribution of ingredients and technologies for global cosmetics and personal care industries. TRI-K’s head of manufacturing, Kathy Felson, adds “For all our customers who need security of supply, TRI-K can meet all your manufacturing needs and be the global partner of choice.”

Source: TRI-K
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