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Upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Focuses on Social Impacts & Ethical Sourcing

Published on 2017-07-20. Author : SpecialChem

The upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit aims to help cosmetic and ingredient firms take a holistic approach to sustainability, it will be hosted in Paris on 6th- 8th November.

Focusing on Social Impacts
Focusing on Social Impacts

Focusing on Social Impacts

For the first time, social impacts are high on the summit agenda.

  • Apart from ethical sourcing of raw materials, how can the industry create positive social value
  • What social benefits can cosmetics & personal care products provide to consumers? 
  • How can consumers be encouraged to use and dispose of cosmetics and personal care products responsibly? 

Such questions will be addressed in its new edition.

Green Values

Luigi Bergamaschi, owner of the leading Italian natural cosmetics brand L’Erbolario, will kick off the summit with a keynote on green values. Bergamaschi will share the sustainability challenges faced by the pioneering brand, which is now operating over 150 concept stores in its home country, as well as over 50 international outlets.

Factor 3 Initiative

Dr. Joachim Kremer from Henkel will give insights into how the German consumer goods company plans to become three times more efficient via its “Factor 3” Initiative. Details will be given on the role of metrics in setting its sustainability targets and goals. Malin Lundahl from H&M will share some of the key green lessons from the fashion industry.

Personal Care Products for Greener Future

Another paper by Andrew Jenkins, Sustainability Manager of Walgreen Boots Alliance, will look at the role of personal care products in a green future.

How will consumers buy and use such products in a shared economy? What will the bathroom of the future look like? The Social Impacts session begins with a psychological perspective on beauty.

Personal Values

The philosopher Dr. Julian Baggini will question the personal value we (consumers) associate with cosmetics? How do beauty products affect the wearer’s well-being and mental health? How can brands enhance this value?

Social Risks in Ingredient Supply

Andrew Wallis, CEO of Unseen UK, will highlight the hidden social risks in ingredient supply chains. Guidance will be given to companies on how they can mitigate risks related to child & slave labor, gender discrimination, etc.

Allergens in Cosmetics

Lene Still, CEO of Allergy Certified, will give an update about allergens in cosmetics & personal care products. What are the reasons behind the rising incidence of allergies? What personal care chemicals are linked to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions?

Another speaker will discuss approaches to encourage responsible consumption of personal care products.

Agricultural Materials in Cosmetics

Agricultural Materials in Cosmetics
Agricultural Materials in Cosmetics
The growing use of agricultural materials in cosmetics is bringing sustainable sourcing to the fore. A dedicated session will give an update on this important sustainability issue. An agricultural expert will show how changes in soil fertility can affect the quality of plant-based materials.

Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director of True Price, will shed some light on the true costs of agricultural materials. Why is there a significant difference between actual costs and the prices paid for such materials? What can be done to reflect true costs?

Fanny Fremont from the Responsible Mica Initiative will make the case to sustainably source this mineral. Gabbi Loedolff from the ethical cosmetics brand Lush will share the company’s experiences in sourcing raw materials. Other papers will cover traceability of agricultural materials and sustainable sourcing of vegetable oils.

Green Formulations

In the Green Formulations session, L’Oreal will show how it is integrating sustainability into its product formulations. As part of its Shared Beauty For All pledge, all new products of the cosmetics multinational have a positive social benefit and / or lower environmental impact.

Clariant will give an update on green surfactants, whilst other speakers will cover novel botanical actives, alternative preservative systems, and new technologies. The session adjourns with featured speakers debating the technical issues when developing green personal care products.

The summit closes with a workshop on Sustainability and Fragrances. Natural essential oils are being widely used in a large number of cosmetic & personal care products, however their use brings sustainability and technical issues.

A leading fragrance supplier will give insights into the sustainability issues, whilst guidance will be given on how to use these materials in personal care formulations.

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