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Stable Micro Systems Develops New Nail Polish Adhesion Rig for Fast Drying

Published on 2017-07-06. Author : SpecialChem

Stable Micro Systems has developed a nail polish adhesion rig and method to provide the solution for the assessment required.

Stable Micro Systems Develops New Nail Polish Adhesion Rig for Fast Drying
Stable Micro Systems Develops New Nail Polish Adhesion
Rig for Fast Drying

Nail Polish Adhesion Rig

A nail polish drying time test was done, where a channel 20 cm long is filled with polish to a depth of 0.5mm and wiped level using a glass rod.

At this point a timer within the Exponent software test sequence is started.

  • This channel is seated on top of the Adhesive Indexing System that has ten detents and so ten test sites are available by simply sliding the platform along.
  • A 1 inch detented ball probe is used for the tests, which can be turned to allow a clean test site without either replacing the probe or the requirement to clean and dry the probe between tests. 
  • This is used to perform an adhesive test at the first test site.
  • A specific force is held for 5 seconds to allow a bond to form. 
  • The probe is then quickly withdrawn, breaking the nail polish bonds, and the force to do this is measured. 
  • The channel is moved along to the next site and the test repeated. 

A set of ten tests are performed in this way with pre-set time delays between the tests. Tests are performed over the whole drying period of the polish.

Adhesion Tests

The series of adhesion tests is automated by a unique test sequence developed in Exponent software, with parameters such as the delay between tests, the number of repeats, applied force and holding time adjusted by the user if necessary.

Additionally, an analysis macro is available to measure the above four properties across all repeats at the press of a button. With the addition of instruction messages in the sequence this provides a user-friendly solution for this type of product testing.

Henk Mulder, physical scientist at Zeelandia, commented:

“Stable Micro Systems’ equipment is extremely accurate and versatile. Manual tests, and even our previous lab testing methods, didn’t give us enough detail to draw meaningful conclusions for our NPD or quality control purposes. The ‘V’ Squeeze test measures valuable parameters, but recording sound using the Acoustic Envelope Detector provides far more detailed results that can be used in new product development and for competitor analysis and QC purposes.”

Coen Sander, Zeelandia’s food scientist, added:

“Perfecting texture in crusty products is particularly challenging because despite the crunchy crust, we’re often also seeking a soft center – all with maximum shelf life. We’re now testing a wide range of finished baked products containing different Zeelandia ingredients in varying proportions. Collating and comparing these detailed test results means we can evaluate the impact of changes to recipes and processing conditions.”

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Source: Stable Micro Systems
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