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Perfect Corp. Reveals New Hyper-realistic Facial Aging Simulation Feature

Published on 2021-09-15. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Perfect Corp new FeaturePerfect Corp. has integrated a new hyper-realistic facial aging simulation feature into its award-winning YouCam Makeup app. The new experience, named YouCam Time Machine, allows users to travel forward in time to see what they might look like in the future, or go back to revisit their younger selves.

Feature Based on AI GAN Technology

The ultra-realistic results are achieved thanks to the newest developments in the AI Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology. The advanced functionality enables users to choose any age between 12 and 70 by simply moving the slider. Its intuitive and entertaining interface allows users to simply snap or upload a photo and generate the desired look in seconds.

The results are captivating, creative, and fun – a match made in haven for the social media space. Furthermore, users have the ability to create short video clips visualizing the age progression from young to old, combined with easy sharing tools.

The amazing power of AI GAN technology opens up a plethora of new exciting visual applications. We are excited to unveil our new Time Machine feature in the YouCam Makeup app and allow users to see a younger version of themselves or visualize what they might look like in the future with a tap of a button,” said Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “We are also developing an enterprise version of this feature to help beauty brands promote anti-aging skincare products in the near future.”

Source: Perfect Corp.

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