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NTC & Aldevron to Develop Plasmid DNA-based Genetic Cosmetic for Gene Facelift

Published on 2011-06-21. Author : SpecialChem

FARGO, N.D. & LINCOLN, Neb. -- Nature Technology Corporation "NTC" and Aldevron announced a joint effort to manufacture the world's first plasmid DNA-based genetic cosmetic for Gene Facelift.

Gene Facelift's DNA-based keratinocyte growth factor "KGF" technology has been used successfully in preclinical wound healing and cosmetic studies. The Gene Facelift therapeutic plasmid incorporates NTC's antibiotic-free and translational enhancer technologies, and is designed to comply with FDA and European regulatory guidance. The Gene Facelift technology has been shown to stimulate successful skin regrowth and remodeling in mouse and pig models.

The Gene Facelift plasmid will be manufactured at Aldevron for upcoming clinical studies, as well as for intended future commercial production. To make the KGF plasmid, Aldevron will use HyperGRO fermentation technology from NTC, which provides for high yield, economical, DNA production and fits very well with Aldevron's large-scale production systems.

"Aldevron is grateful to be on the same team as Gene Facelift and Nature Technology," said Michael Chambers, Aldevron's CEO. "I believe these are all best-in-class companies in their respective fields."

"A genetic cosmetic for anti-aging is just our first step," said Dr. Aaron Tabor, Gene Facelift, "Our goal is to use the same gene transfer technology to help children battling inherited blistering skin disorders; patients with diabetic ulcers; paralyzed patients fighting pressure ulcers; and burn victims struggling to control infection and grow new skin."

About Nature Technology Corporation

Nature Technology Corporation is a gene-based biopharmaceuticals development and services company, providing industry leading solutions for gene therapeutics, DNA vaccines and recombinant proteins.

About Aldevron

Aldevron offers services and technology for plasmid DNA purification, protein production, and antibody generation. The company manufactures biologicals for research, clinical, commercial, and diagnostic applications. With offices in Fargo, ND, Madison WI and Freiburg, Germany the company works with industry, government, and academic clients. In 2011, Aldevron was recognized by The Scientist magazine as the third best place to work in the biotechnology industry.

About Gene Facelift

Gene Facelift is an official Johns Hopkins' biotech company developing gene therapy drugs for collagen regeneration, skin restoration, and wound-healing.

Source: Aldevron

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