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MakeUp in Seoul: to Feature Roundtable on Emerging Australian Skin Care Market

Published on 2017-03-20. Author : SpecialChem

MakeUp in Seoul will feature roundtable on April 6 at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, dedicated to the Australian make-up and skincare market.

MakeUp in Seoul: to Feature Roundtable on Emerging Australian Beauty Market
MakeUp in Seoul: to Feature Roundtable on Emerging
Australian Beauty Market

On the theme, “Australia a new emerging market for the beauty industry in Asia Pacific,” this roundtable moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connections and Yuting SUn, Beauteam, will gather the following personalities:

  • Ere Perez, CEO of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics
  • Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO and founder of InSkin Cosmetics
  • Napoleon Perdis, CEO of Napoleon Perdis and Sonia Amoroso, CEO of Self-Care Corporation

Australian Market Insight

According to the survey of the Franco-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after a few years of decline, revenues in the Beauty sector are estimated to 637.8 million euros (945 million Australian dollars). A round table that will bring together several personalities of different brands.

High Consumer Demand for Cosmetics

According to a recent survey published by the Franco-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia had one of the highest purchasing power in the world.

Not surprisingly, there is strong demand from Australian consumers for high value-added products from Asia, North America and Europe. The Cosmetic sector is obviously no exception. With twenty million people, it is indeed a small market, but its growth is robust. The Internet also enables small local brands to emerge quickly, driven by the proximity of Asian markets.

Bio Products

The beauty market in Australia is estimated at € 637.8 million (945 million Australian dollars). All surveys prove it: “Bio” is truly one of the strong points of “Made in Australia” cosmetics and obviously a key argument used by local brands to conquer export markets. The dynamism of the market is confirmed by Australian brands. As a proof, performances posted by Companies such as SelfCare Corporation, Napoleon Perdis, Ere Perez, InSkin Cosmetics.

We are on a + 20% trend per year,” highlighted a few months ago Hiram Martinez, CEO of the Ere Perez brand. As for Sonia Amoroso from SelfCare Corporation (40 million dollars in revenue), specializing almost exclusively in the production of skincare products, “the fact is with such high market demand I was unable to allow myself a holiday break these past months!

Meanwhile, the Napoleon Perdis brand, who last year refocused on the Australian market, is now supplying some 875 stockists and David Jones and Myer, its own 85 stores are working at full capacity.

Luxury at Forefront

Across the world, the premium sector is demonstrating unprecedented economic dynamism. Global sales in 2012 were already worth some € 210 billion, a quarter of which were generated by French luxury industries.

Exceptional sales increase, all luxury sectors included, confirm this leading position. Indeed the rising number of foreign tourists from Asia as well as their taste for luxury goods is a strong growth driver for this industry. But not just tourists! It is striking, to notice, for example in Sydney, the number of Asian people who have settled in the country in recent years.

About MakeUp

Make-up, a world of its own within the Beauty industry. Suppliers, brands and trend setters come together in the heart of mythical cities, Paris, New- York, Seoul, Sao Paulo & Los Angeles, to give rise to B-B events ultra-targeted. From the upstream of the sector: Ingredients, pigments, formulation, packaging to the finished products: full-service and accessories, make-up professionals are taking this unique opportunity to discover and share around innovations and trends with a specialized public made of Marketing, Research & Development and Purchasing managers from brands and distribution.

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Source: MakeUp in Seoul
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