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Simplified Makeup Routine Hinders Growth of Color Cosmetics in 2017: Mintel

Published on 2017-07-31. Author : SpecialChem

The overall US color cosmetics market experienced moderate growth in 2017, increasing two percent to reach $11.0 billion.

Simplified Makeup Routine Hinders Growth of Color Cosmetics
Simplified Makeup Routine Hinders Growth of Color Cosmetics

However, new research from Mintel reveals that consumer desire for more simplified makeup routines has resulted in stalled growth across the individual color cosmetics segments, with lip cosmetics, facial cosmetics and eye cosmetics each growing around two percentage points slower this year compared to 2016.

Skin Care Inspired Benefits

Despite a drop in sales growth this year, Mintel research indicates skincare-inspired benefits are in high demand among color cosmetics users as the lines between facial makeup and facial skincare continue to blur. Anti-aging and moisturizing claims (44 percent respectively) top the list of benefits female facial cosmetics users are interested in seeing from their facial makeup.

Anti-aging & Acne Claims

Of course, age plays a significant role in the benefits consumers look for, reflecting the differing skincare needs of a woman’s life stage.

Not surprising, female consumers aged 55+ are most likely to be interested in products with anti-aging claims (68 percent vs 18 percent of women aged 18-34), while those aged 18-34 are most likely to seek products that treat acne (24 percent vs 2 percent of women 55+), are for sensitive skin (23 percent vs 9 percent) or minimize pores (23 percent vs 11 percent).

However, it appears that women of all ages show the same enthusiasm for makeup that creates the appearance of flawless skin as more than one quarter (28 percent) of facial cosmetics users say they’re interested in facial makeup that evens skin tone, including 28 percent of women 18-34 and 29 percent of women 55+.

Product Innovations for Skin

Interest in products that improve the skin’s appearance extends to new product innovation as well, as pore-minimizing products (29 percent) and color-correcting palettes (24 percent) garner the strongest appeal from female color cosmetics users.

Director, Mintel Reports, Health, Household, Beauty and Personal Care, Shannon Romanowski said:

"Overall, the color cosmetics market experienced moderate growth in 2017. However, products which do not align with the current ‘natural look’ trend, such as lip gloss, bronzer and eye shadow, resulted in slower gains across the category segments. While the market is saturated and some women are turning to value brands to cut costs, facial makeup products that offer relevant skincare benefits present a bright spot that could reinvigorate sales. As consumers increasingly express interest in facial makeup that incorporates skincare-related claims, it’s likely these claims will continue expanding into the cosmetics category. Anti-aging and moisturizing claims are appealing to older women, and can be particularly successful in light of an aging population that is typically less engaged in the category.”

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Source: Mintel
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