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in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2017 Brings Biotransforming Beauty, Innovations & Trends

Published on 2017-08-11. Author : SpecialChem

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit has opened registration for its event that will take place on October 25-26 in London. Now in its third year, the event will showcase the latest trends and innovations in Biobeauty, providing delegates with insights, solutions and strategies for developing products which biotransform.

Biotransforming Beauty
Biotransforming Beauty

Biotransforming Beauty

The two-day conference will look in-depth at ‘Biotransforming beauty’, examining the importance of the microbiome in formulating new personal care products. As the beauty industry strives to become greener and more socially responsible, the role of the microbiome becomes ever more important.

Specialists from across the sector will reveal details of the latest global trends biotransforming beauty, as well as relevant key products from Korea. Delegates will have the opportunity to have their own facial microbiome revealed while learning about why these microorganisms are essential for healthy skin and hair.

Many of the industry’s most iconic beauty products are founded on fermentation, and as they were developed long before today's natural or sustainable trends, we know fermentation is their raison d'etre, and the power that drives their efficacy. The summit explores the legacy of biotransformed products, focusing in on the history and ethos that converts users into devotees.

Microbiome & DNA Techniques for Personal Care

Other presentations on the subject will include a look at the impact of preservatives, prebiotics and probiotics on the microbiome, examining the validation of microbiome claims and how advanced DNA techniques are offering interesting ways to support and prove claims.

Green Alternatives for Cosmetics
Green Alternatives for Cosmetics

Barbara Brockway, Director at Personal Care Applied DNA Sciences, who has collaborated with Reed Exhibitions on the program, commented:

“The personal care industry is gradually becoming more aware of the role of microbes in beauty and the importance of the skin’s microbiome when formulating new products. There is a great deal of complex information out there, so we wanted to distil it down into a relevant, usable format for this year’s summit.”

Green Alternatives for Cosmetics

The event will also focus on Formulating with Nature, examining in particular the green alternatives to some of the cosmetic industry’s most popular products and processes. The session will include a presentation on the green alternatives to petrochemicals, explaining how replacing materials derived from petrochemicals with chemically identical materials made through biotransformations – such as fermentation – is the fastest way to green-up products.

The program will go on to explore the increasing number of 'new natural' materials derived from biotechnology designed as replacements for familiar functional cosmetic materials. How to use key biotransformed cosmetic ingredients is also set to be a popular session, with specialists examining whether these products can be multifunctional or just a one-for-one replacement.

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Source: in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2017
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