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Croda Shares Sustainability Insights to Aid Independent Beauty Brands

Published on 2019-09-13. Author : SpecialChem

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Croda_Shares_Sustainable_Innovation Croda is committed to sustainable innovation by applying smarter science to improve people’s live and the world they live in. The company shares its latest sustainable innovation insights to support independent beauty brands.

Supports Beauty Brands with Sustainable Innovation

Croda is embedded with social, environmental and corporate governance which enables the company to unite and support independent beauty brands through its commitment of:

  • Manufacturing of ingredients from renewable energy and biobased sources.
  • Croda’s 10 Material Areas of Sustainability program.
  • Eco-design utilising the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.
  • Supply chain integrity.
  • Strong certification policy including ISO 9001, 14001 and EFfCI GMP quality standard, climate neutral manufacturing certification and USDA bio-preferred program.

The company has been ranked the 11th Most Sustainable International Company in 2019 by Barron’s, a leading source of financial news for the American Stock Exchange, in recognition of the company's ongoing and influential sustainable innovation efforts.

To Establish Sustainability Programs with Suppliers

Sustainability and ingredient integrity is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in today’s evolving beauty industry. There is now growing importance for brands to establish sustainable programs with their suppliers, whereby ingredient transparency is crucial,” explains Croda’s Donna Petretti.

The company’s efforts towards sustainability have been recognized by various awards.

  • Croda won the low carbon accolade at the Chemical Industry Awards.
  • 61% of Croda’s raw materials were from biobased sources in 2018.

Katharina Rhomberg, Senior Marketing Manager, Kisaco Research revealed, “At Beauty & Money, we support the indie beauty brand journey from idea to scaling and growing as a mid-market brand and give companies the opportunity to unveil key areas of growth in the beauty industry.”

“Solutions provider, Croda, is leading the beauty industry with its unwavering dedication to science, innovation and responsibility. Croda has partnered with, and supported, many independent beauty brands around the world with its Sederma and Crodarom brands, and we look forward to welcoming Croda's Donna Petretti as a speaker to hear how Croda is continuing to do so through its industry-leading approach and value services.” said Rhomberg.

Commenting on the exciting additions to Beauty and Money 2019, Rhomberg explained, “This year, at our flagship event in New York, we have expanded the scope beyond investment and discuss key business areas in which building the right relationships can really help to drive a brand forward. Our dual-stream ‘Secret to Success’ educational series concentrates on overcoming some of the reasons why start-ups fail and brands don’t scale with priceless advice from some of the best in the industry.”

Croda will be attending Beauty and Money, on 26 September 2019 in New York. The company’s latest insights, what it means to be a sustainable brand in 2019, and the opportunities and challenges to consider for attaining beauty business objectives will be discussed by Donna Petretti, Marketing Manager for Personal Care at Croda.

Source: Croda
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