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Coptis Joins Forces with Extens to Expand Company's Operations

Published on 2021-09-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

Coptis ExtensCoptis joins forces with Extens, a French fund dedicated to healthcare software publishers, to expand the company's operations. Coptis develops and markets specialized software to support cosmetic laboratories and raw material manufacturers in the formulation and regulatory compliance stages.

Manage Development Projects

Coptis' solutions enable the cosmetics industry to efficiently manage development projects, reduce time to market and improve the quality and accuracy of the data. In addition to this software suite, Coptis offers high value-added services that enhance its customers' performance through a global regulatory database, a database of toxicological information on more than 3,000 substances, and a document database on more than 15,000 cosmetic raw materials.

Coptis' signature product, Coptis Lab, is a specialized business software. Coptis regularly brings together members of its User Club to discuss their needs, thus keeping the software suite in step with evolving field requirements. This close approach and understanding of the industry has enabled Coptis to establish its leadership position in this growing and constantly developing market.

Accelerate Technical Development Planning

For the first time, Coptis is opening up its capital to Extens, which is making the second investment of its third fund currently being raised, and Clearsight, in order to accelerate its commercial and technical development planning. Coptis enjoyed great success with the North American and Asian markets, stemming from the 2008 opening of a subsidiary in New York, and then in Singapore in 2016.

Coptis, now accompanied by Extens and Clearsight, aims to accelerate its deployment in these dynamic markets, and consolidate its position as a leader in Europe. This capital increase will also enable the company to develop its range of products by integrating new components into the existing software suite.

"I have chosen to Extens to support Coptis in the next stages of its development, and to help it thrive more rapidly in its own markets, as well as new markets. Why Extens? Because it is a fund dedicated to business software publishers and because the problems of publishers are very similar, even when the markets are different. I also appreciate the Extens Club, which brings together the different company managers to discuss shared problems, which is what our customers do in the Coptis Users' Club. I sincerely believe that Extens and Clearsight will contribute to the success of Coptis in the coming years,” commented Anne Karagoz, president of Coptis.

Source: Coptis
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