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Botanical Extracts & Submarine Actives to be Fragrance Trends 2017 - Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Published on 2017-02-27. Author : SpecialChem

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has announced that botanical extracts and ingredient specialties, reminding of the African grasslands as well as aquatic-fresh notes taking the colorful submarine world as an inspiration are making up the trending topics this year for flavors and fragrances.

Botanical Extracts & Submarine Actives to be Fragrance Trends
Botanical Extracts & Submarine Actives to be Fragrance Trends

Diversities of Fragrances

Furthermore, poppy, the flower of the year will make its contribution to the variety of scents for fine fragrances, household and personal care products.

Annually, the marketing and fragrance experts of Bell provide an insight in the fragrance trends for the upcoming year.

Marketing Specialist for fragrances in personal care products, Falco Choynacki said:

“Among others, our daily work focuses on developing innovative trend concepts for our clients, Intensive market research, face-to-face customer feedback, as well as extensive product screening help us to obtain an in-depth look in tomorrow´s world and provide us with inspiration for successful, new product ideas.”

Based on a more than 100-years lasting and continuously improved expertise on the world of fragrances, Bell identified four trends for 2017. All come together in one baseline - Arisen from Nature.

Natural Treasures of Africa

Derived from the oriental fragrances that have become very popular in the recent years, spicier and herbal-green compositions will reinvigorate the market in 2017. The new fragrances have their origin in typical African plants and spices. Among them woody notes such as the African baobob tree, moringa and the mostly unknown Ethiopian lovegrass that yet fit perfectly in the topic.

Poppy and Water Color Design

As a counterpart to the spicier notes, sensual-floral creations will find their way to impress consumers in 2017. In the spotlight of the floral compositions shines the poppy with its brightly red blossoms. Mostly standing strong between cornstalks as one of the most beautiful summer companions, the poppy will enhance the product portfolio of each application area.

The subtle scent with its slightly sweet nuances reminds of wind-blown corn fields and provides a heavenly holiday feeling. Furthermore, the flower fits perfectly to the water color packaging trend this year. The aquarelle design is not only suitable for the strong and at the same time so fragile poppy, it also fits for all floral compositions – whether in air care, laundry care, fine fragrances or in personal care products.

Mermaid - To Protect the Submarine World

Especially when talking about skin care, rich ingredients such as minerals, sea weed or maritime salts in combination with detox attributes play an important role. They will make their contribution in concepts about the life below the ocean´s surface in 2017. At the same time, the topic of water will lead to innovation regarding product compositions.

In detail, it is about the reduction of the applied amount of water in production processes and formulas. For instance, dry shampoos and so called “one rinse” laundry care products will experience a higher demand.

It´s Getting Green - Greenery

With Greenery Bell picks up the Pantone® color of the year 2017 in its fragrance compositions and concepts. The color is an additional evidence of the overall topic “Arisen from Nature”. The yellow-green color symbolizing vitality reminds of the juicy, young leafs that herald the spring. At the same time, Greenery awakes connotation of rainforests known as the green lung of the planet. The color also represents life, growth and a symbol of a new beginning – all together perfect topics for extraordinary as well as well-known vitalizing and green fragrance compositions.

About Bell Flavors & Fragrances

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is one of the leading suppliers of flavors, fragrances, botanical extracts and ingredient specialties to the beverage and food industries, as well as the household care and personal care industries.

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Source: Bell Flavors & Fragrances
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