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Beiersdorf Invests in New Production Center for Cosmetics in Germany

Published on 2021-09-17. Edited By : SpecialChem

Beiersdorf New PlantBeiersdorf has laid the cornerstone for the new plant in Leipzig. On the northern outskirts of the Saxon metropolis, a state-of-the-art production center for cosmetic products is being built with an investment of 220 million euros and initially 200 jobs.

Products for Entire European Market

In addition, a new logistics hub for the company is to be built in the immediate vicinity. With these projects, Beiersdorf is making its largest investment in one location worldwide, for a future-proof supply chain infrastructure in the heart of Europe.

The new plant creates the capacity for long-term, sustainable growth in Beiersdorf’s production network. Up to 450 million cosmetic products will come off the production line each year at the new 32.000 m2 plant, in particular deodorants, hair sprays, and shaving foams for the entire European market and for export. Depending on the market and business development, capacities could still be expanded.

This is a unique project for Beiersdorf,” emphasized CEO Vincent Warnery. “To build a completely new production plant for Central Europe in Germany is a great opportunity for us and – as we believe – also for the region. We are very pleased that we can lay the cornerstone for it here today and look forward to the future of the new plant with excitement and great expectations.”

Meets High Environmental Standards

The new building meets high environmental standards and contributes to Beiersdorf’s CARE BEYOND SKIN sustainability agenda with numerous aspects: The plant is expected to be completely carbon neutral through the use of renewable energy, it is equipped with a photovoltaic system as well as charging points for e-cars, and has the ability to recover and process heat, wastewater and ethanol. With the new building, Beiersdorf is aiming for LEED Gold certification as part of its commitment to sustainability.

In March, the structural and civil engineering work for the 12 buildings under construction began, and in the coming months up to 600 people will be working on the construction site. The project team, which is preparing the start of production in parallel with the construction, already includes nearly 50 employees. In the course of 2022, they will coordinate the commissioning of the first three production lines, with two more to follow soon. Successively, as planned, many employees from Beiersdorf’s plant in Waldheim will also transfer to the new production center in Leipzig. The transformation process is expected to be completed in the course of the year 2023.

Source: Beiersdorf
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