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Baerlocher Sells its Non-core Wax Business in France

Published on 2018-10-03. Author : SpecialChem

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After careful consideration, the Baerlocher Group decided to divest Baerlocher France SASU , Baerlocher's pharmaceutical industries, as well as a variety of other industries worldwide. As of August 1, 2018, the company was sold to SER Group , a global producer of specialty waxes. Baerlocher will continue to be a reliable partner to the French plastics industry.

Baerlocher Sells its Non-core Wax Business in France
Baerlocher Sells its Non-core Wax Business in France

Natural Waxes for Cosmetics

Baerlocher's subsidiary in France was established in 1987 through the acquisition of Ceresin with the key objective to expand Baerlocher's product offering. Baerlocher France, located in Marseille, is specialized in the production of natural waxes and formulated waxes and lubricants. The company serves a wide variety of industries with a focus on the cosmetics industry.

Dr. Tobias Rosenthal, Head of Corporate Development at Baerlocher, said:

"Today, Baerlocher is a leading supplier of innovative additives for the plastics industry as well as the global industry. After careful consideration Baerlocher decided to Baerlocher France to further increase the focus on our core business. The SER Group is in the position to strategically develop Baerlocher France in the future focusing on the wax industry.

Baerlocher would like to explicitly thank all employees of Baerlocher France for their efforts and contributions over all these years. We wish all the stakeholders the best and a prosperous development under the new ownership."

Improving Eco-friendliness

Baerlocher will remain a reliable partner to the plastics industry, serving its customers through its local customer facing staff including sales and support.

Founded in 1988, the SER Group is a leading European producer of waxes with direct presence and production plants in Italy, France, UK and Spain.

The group offers waxes for food, packaging, rubber, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, candles, textiles, and more. The company's strong expertise and absolute focus in the development and production of waxes, help its customers to improve productivity and quality of eco-friendliness and work safety.

Source: Baerlocher
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