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Alastin Skincare™ to Present Data on Anti-aging & Skin Healing at Aesthetic Medicine Meet

Published on 2017-05-04. Author : SpecialChem

CARLSBAD, CA -- ALASTIN Skincare™, Inc. has announced that data will be presented on three new studies at the 7th Annual Summit in Aesthetic Medicine meeting in Newport Beach, CA (May 5-7, 2017).

Alastin Skincare™ to Present Data on Anti-aging & Skin Healing at Aesthetic Medicine Meet
Alastin Skincare™ to Present Data on Anti-aging & Skin Healing
at Aesthetic Medicine Meet

TriHex Technology for Topical Applications

Alan D. Widgerow, MBBCh (MD); FCS; MMed (MHS); FACS, Chief Medical Officer, ALASTIN Skincare, shared:

“As part of our commitment to generate scientific data related to our ALASTIN Skincare products and technology, we have been working closely with leading aesthetic physicians to generate clinical and non-clinical data supporting both our Procedure Enhancement line as well as our Restore & Renew daily skin care line. We are pleased that three scientific posters will be presented at this meeting demonstrating enhanced healing rates, outcomes and patient preference related to rejuvenating laser treatments, along with biopsy results showing the positive changes in the skin over time.”

Alastin’s Anti-Aging Power

In the study conducted by Dr. Antoanella Calame, MD, topical applications of products containing TriHex Technology resulted in positive changes to the skin’s extracellular matrix (ECM) over an eight-week period. Biopsy examination showed evidence of newly generated collagen, elastin and a return to healthier looking skin cell structure.

President and CEO of ALASTIN Skincare, Diane S. Goostree said:

“Levels of elastin and collagen begin to diminish as we age, making our skin appear older. With TriHex Technology, we’ve gone beyond traditional anti-aging regimens to create products that help to reawaken the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, leading to a more youthful appearance and healthier skin while enhancing skin elasticity and volume.”

Improved Healing After Laser Resurfacing

In two separate investigator-blinded, randomized studies, conducted by Sabrina Fabi, MD and Deanne Robinson, MD, the ALASTIN Procedure Enhancement System (PES) was shown to improve both skin healing and patient experience after laser resurfacing.

  • In Dr. Fabi’s study, patients used either ALASTIN products or traditional bland standard of care products for pre-and post-laser treatment. 
  • This study tracked the healing process of 15 female subjects aged 45-70 years undergoing IPL and/or PDL with Q-switch-alexandrite and fractionated ablative CO2 laser resurfacing of the face. 
  • During the 84-day study, healing was statistically significantly better for ALASTIN patient’s vs patients treated with standard of care products. 
  • For ALASTIN patients, there was less redness, irritation, tenderness and exudation during the first post-procedure week, and a higher satisfaction rate and clear patient preference for ALASTIN reported at the conclusion of the study.

Dr. Fabi shared:

“The use of ALASTIN's tripeptide/hexapeptide-containing Procedure Enhancement System proved effective and well-tolerated after laser resurfacing in a prospective study we conducted at our practice. Subject satisfaction was greater on the ALASTIN system, which resulted in better patient experience following laser resurfacing.”

Results Obtained in the Study

Dr. Robinson’s findings corroborated the results observed in the Fabi study. In Dr. Robinson’s study, ten subjects were pre-treated with ALASTIN PES on half of the face or décolleté and a bland standard-of-care regimen on the other side. Patients then underwent non-ablative fractional thulium doped laser resurfacing and continued their split-face topical treatment during the healing period.

The PES side was rated statistically superior when evaluated on day four post-treatment on texture, sun spots and skin quality. From the patients’ perspective, on day four, subjects reported that their skin looked and felt better on the side treated with ALASTIN.

Dr. Robinson said:

“In our study, the use of ALASTIN pre-and post-fractional resurfacing resulted in enhanced healing and increased patient satisfaction. The data from these studies support a paradigm shift from conventional skin care pre-and post- laser resurfacing surgery.”

About ALASTIN™ Skincare

ALASTIN Skincare™ is dedicated to developing innovative, clinically-tested skin care products that correct, protect and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. Its unparalleled Procedure Enhancement and Restore & Renew products are formulated with a proprietary combination of key peptides and other synergistic ingredients using the latest technology and are clinically tested to demonstrate safety and their ability to help reawaken the skin’s youthful regenerating processes.

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Source: Alastin Skincare™
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