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CAS Number 104-29-0
Chem/IUPAC Name: 1,2-Propanediol, 3-(4-chlorophenoxy)-
EINECS/ELINCS No: 203-192-6
COSING REF No: 32667
Chlorphenesin is a synthetic ingredient that acts as a preservative for cosmetic and beauty products. It prevents bacterial growth and contamination, thus improving the quality and shelf lives of the products. However, Chlorphenesin is a weak ingredient and is often combined with other preservatives when used in the cosmetic industry. In its raw form, it appears as a crystalline powder that is white to off-white in color. The chemical formula of Chlorphenesin is C9H11ClO3.

What is CHLORPHENESIN used for?

Chlorphenesin is a useful ingredient in the world of cosmetics and personal care. It can be found in products such as sunscreens and toners.
  • Skin care: It is a great preservative that helps skin care products to last longer and thus have better quality. The addition of this ingredient also eliminates bad odor from the product
  • Hair care: It is also added to hair care products because of its antimicrobial properties. It saves the products from negative side effects due to contact with oxygen and prevents the growth of bacteria and molds


Chlorphenesin is made by the condensation of glycidol and p-chlorophenol in the presence of a catalyst such as a quaternary ammonium salt or a tertiary amine.

What does CHLORPHENESIN do in a formulation?

  • Antimicrobial
  • Preservative

Safety profile

Chlorphenesin is safe for skin and hair when used within the prescribed percentages. In both rinse-off and leave-on products, Chlorphenesin should not be used more than the concentration of 0.3% - it can be harmful otherwise. It can have negative side effects such as irritation and allergic reactions on certain skin types. A patch test before full application is highly recommended. Further, limited data suggests no risks for application during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Technical profile

Property Values
Boiling Point 369.45°C
Melting Point 78°C
pH 3.0-9.0
Solubility Slightly soluble in water

Commercial Selection : Grades containing solely CHLORPHENESIN

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