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Decorative Cosmetics: Light & Bright Eye Shadow
  • Supplier: Honeywell
  • Applications: Eyes Shadows & Creams, Decorative cosmetics/Make-up
  • End-consumer Benefits: creaminess rich feel, softness, brightness
Hair Care: Define Your Curls
  • Supplier: Honeywell
  • Applications: Permanents & relaxers, Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)
  • End-consumer Benefits: softness
Skin Care: Clear Your Face
  • Supplier: Honeywell
  • Applications: Exfoliating products
  • End-consumer Benefits: mattifying, smoothness
Sun Care: Clean Sunless Tanning Moisturizer
  • Supplier: Honeywell
  • Applications: Lotions & creams, Sun care (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-tanning)
  • End-consumer Benefits: odor reducing
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