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Hair Care: I Hold You So Firm Hold Hairspray by DowDuPont
  • Supplier: DowDuPont (Dow)
  • Applications: Styling/Hair sprays
  • End-consumer Benefits: glossy ultra glossy, lubricius feeling
Skin Care: So’ Sweet Whipped Butter by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
  • Supplier: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
  • Applications: Moisturizing products (creams & lotions)
  • End-consumer Benefits: creaminess rich feel, lubricius feeling, moisturizing
Hair Care: Liss That Frizz Rinse-Off Hair Conditioner by Dow
  • Supplier: DowDuPont (Dow)
  • Applications: Conditionners & detangling products, Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)
  • End-consumer Benefits: creaminess rich feel, lubricius feeling, spreading, wash off rinse
Toiletries: Men’s Peppermint Shave Cream Kit by Coast Southwest
  • Supplier: Coast Southwest
  • Applications: Shaving creams, Shaving
  • End-consumer Benefits: fresh feeling cooling effect, lubricius feeling, moisturizing, non irritant, smoothness, soothing
Sun Care: Oat SILK 12 SPF Cream by Oat Cosmetics
  • Supplier: Oat Cosmetics
  • Applications: Creams, Sun protection, Sun care (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-tanning)
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, light feeling, lubricius feeling, non greasy
Toiletries: Sweet 'n Salty Exfoliating Body Scrub
  • Supplier: Lubrizol
  • Applications: Exfoliating & peeling products
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, foam booster, foam quality, lubricius feeling, satiny, smoothness, softness
Hair Care: Hair Gel by Grant Industries
  • Supplier: Grant Industries
  • Applications: Hair gels, Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)
  • End-consumer Benefits: lubricius feeling, silky feel
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