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Skin Care: Soothing Peach Flower Cream by Croda

Typical Formulation Ingredients

Quantity (%)
Seatons Shea Nut Butter 
Crodamol™ PC 
Crodamol CP 
Crodamol SS 
Crodacol™ CS50 
Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50 
Crodamol SSA 
Vitamin E Acetate 
Water Deionised 
Pricerine™ 9091 
Phytessence Peach Flower 
Euxyl PE 9010 
Fragrance A343710 
Yellow dye 0.03% w/w solution 
Red dye 0.12% w/w solution 
Sodium Hydroxide 10% w/w solution 

Typical Properties


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Soothing Peach Flower Cream is a soft and luxurious cream with the color and scent of a peach flower contains:

  • Phytessence™ Peach Flower, an extract that fights against oxidative stress induced by atmospheric pollution. 
  • Pacifeel™ brings to this soft cream its ability to alleviate skin discomfort and visibly reduces redness, while improving skin’s resilience against aggressions, providing long-term, reinforced protection. 
  • The combination of solid emollients, along with Incroquat™ Behenyl TMS-50, allows the formulation to hold a shape, meaning, it can be packaged in a tube or pump with a shaped-nozzle, allowing it to form, in this instance, a flower when dispensed. 

A formulation by Croda.



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