The Universal Selection Source: Cosmetics Ingredients

Natural and Organic Cosmetics
Ecological concerns and sustainable sourcing have boosted interest in renewable sources to replace petrochemicals. Many cosmetics companies have been actively developing solutions away from the typical petrochemical feedstock and bio-based-technologies are becoming available. Ingredients can be based on renewable resources and formulated into cosmetics complying with existing and future regulations.

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Oct 5, 2017 | Industry News

Ginkgo Bioworks Collaborates with Transcriptic to Accelerate Fragrance Design Automation

Ginkgo Bioworks has announced collaboration with robotic cloud laboratory Transcriptic. Ginkgo’s foundries currently rely on software and robotics to automate work on organism design across the...

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Sep 26, 2017 | Product News

Cornelius Offers Essential Oils for Cosmetics in Association with Olvea

Cornelius has offered a wide range of vegetable oils in partnership with Olvea and Cornelius Own Brand essential oils including organic grades. Olvea has established sustainable long-term...

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Sep 21, 2017 | Industry News

UD Researchers Discover Sweet Alternative to Petroleum from Wood Chips

University of Delaware has offered manufacturers a sweet alternative to petroleum. The fuel which is used in shampoos, refrigerators and mosquito repellents etc. A UD research team has invented a...

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Sep 19, 2017 | Industry News

Natural Personal Care Trends in Limelight at in-cosmetics Asia

Rising concerns about product safety, recalls and unethical claims have fueled consumer anxiety towards synthetic ingredients and inevitably contributed to the preference for natural ingredients...

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Sep 13, 2017 | Industry News

INOLEX Opens Demo Center for Natural Innovative Cosmetic Solutions

INOLEX do Brasil in São Paulo has recently opened a Demo Center geared towards the promotion of safe, natural and innovative solutions in key areas that are shaping the next wave of consumer beauty...

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Oct 3, 2017 | Industry News

Givaudan Partners with Draco Natural Products for Botanical Actives

Givaudan has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Draco Natural Products for the development of a new proprietary line of bioactive botanical ingredients. This new partnership is...

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Sep 25, 2017 | Industry News

NATRUE Reveals Ways to Identify Certified Real Natural & Organic Products

NATRUE has introduced new communication tools designed to help consumers defend themselves and recognize true natural and organic certified products during SANA 2017. Importance for NATRUE to be...

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Sep 19, 2017 | Industry News

Bio-on to Begin Construction of PHAs Biopolymers Facility for Natural Cosmetics Sector

Bio-on has announced the start of the construction of a new plant that will produce special PHAs biopolymers, 100% natural and biodegradable, for advanced and fast-growing niche markets...

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Sep 15, 2017 | Product News

Beraca & Clariant Partner to Launch Capillus Pro 22 for Hair Care at in-cosmetics Latin America

Beraca has partnered up with Clariant to launch natural active for hair care, Capillus Pro 22 at in-cosmetics Latin America with the aim of increasing its product portfolio of functional ingredients...

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Sep 8, 2017 | Industry News

Global Baby Personal Care Market Calls for Organic Ingredients: PMR

Persistence Market Research has recently published a global market study on baby personal care products which shows that the demand for baby personal care products will witness a CAGR of 5.8%...

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