TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives give the formulator new tools to create improved and innovative bio-based cosmetics and personal care products. Cosmetics formulators can use these functional additives for thickening, emulsion stabilization, and film forming in the formulation of skin creams, lotions, gels, serums, hair products and other cosmetics and personal care products. The TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives are sustainably produced and available in non-GMO versions.

TEXTURLUX® personal care additives meet or exceed expectations for Skincare & Suncare performance

Benefits for your cosmetic formulations
Consumers believe that personal care products with a high bio-based (natural) content are safer for themselves and the environment. Often, though, the expectations for competitive aesthetics, stability, and performance in these skincare and suncare products can be low.

TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives allow the formulation of a variety of systems that meet or exceed expectations while enabling a high bio-based content. Several of these bio-based specialty polymers have familiar INCI names, but in important variations for specific performance. Going to a more natural ingredients platform was never so easy, both from a formulation flexibility and processing standpoint with TEXTURLUX Personal Care Additives.

Learn more about the benefits that TEXTURLUX Personal Care Additives bring to these skincare and suncare applications PLUS access formulations you can try today.

Sprayable Lotions enjoy stable emulsions with TEXTURLUX® Stabil

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Stokes Law suggests that if you want stability in your emulsion, you make a cream. Forget the notion of a lotion, much less a sprayable system. TEXTURLUX® Stabil Personal Care Additives (INCI: Hydrolyzed Corn Starch Hydroxyethyl Ether, 100% biobased) enables the formulation of stable sprayable lotions with high bio-based content. A distinct advantage of TEXTURLUX® Stabil is that it does not build significant bulk viscosity, even at such high concentrations as 6%. Nonetheless, TEXTURLUX® Stabil additives are highly effective in stabilizing emulsions at rest.
ACTS 21456
Sustayning Spray Lotion
B6.0TEXTURLUX® StabilHydrolized corn starch
Hydroxyethyl ether
B1.0Velsan SCSorbitan CaprylateClariantEmulsifier
B1.0Sensiva PA 30Propanediol(and) Phenylethyle
alcohol (and) Undecyl alcohol
(and) Tocopherol
B0.2Keltrol CG-SFTXanthan GumCP kelcoPolymer
B0.1Cab-O-Sil M 5SilicaCabotThickener
C10.0Jojoba OilSimmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba)
Seed Oil
Noble RootsEmollients
C1.0Velsan SCSorbitan CaprylateClariantEmulsifier
  1. Premix B then add to A with fast propeller stirring for 30minutes
  2. Premix C then add to A/B with fast propeller stirring until uniform
  3. Homogeneous until glossy
Sustayning Spray Lotion is a stable sprayable lotion that can be made at room temperature. A very appealing added feature is that it stays on the skin after being sprayed, without dripping. A key is combining the relatively high level of TEXTURLUX® Stabil Personal Care Additives with a small amount of a thickening bio-based polymer, such as Xanthan Gum. A small amount of natural mid-HLB surfactant generally used for preservative enhancement is added to the oil phase to reduce interfacial tension and allow for easier droplet creation. The rub-out and after-feel characteristics of this emulsion are very appealing, making it a great platform for not only sprayable body lotions, but also high-end serums that would be dispensed from a dropper.

Soft Creams with TEXTURLUX® Rheo have no stickiness, sliminess

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Thickeners should thicken. Often when formulators add high-bio-based polymer thickeners to emulsions,viscosity increases, but but the flow or feel also becomes undesirable. TEXTURLUX® Rheo Personal Care Additives (INCI: Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, 95% bio-based) can be added to low viscosity emulsions, transforming lotions into creams…that consumers will enjoy, with no stickiness, sliminess, or jelly-like character. TEXTURLUX® Rheo Personal Care Additive is best used, like all water-soluble polymers, by first premixing with ZEMEA® Propanediol then adding the mixture to the aqueous phase or after the emulsion is formed. Natural ingredient TEXTURLUX® Rheo do not require high shear, high temperature, or neutralization for use.
CTS 21246
Nourishing Night Cream
B4.0ESTERLAC PerformSodium Behenoyl LactylateCorbionEmulsifier
B2.0Span 60Sorbitan StearateCrodaEmulsifier
Tate & Lyle
C1.0Spectrastat G2Caprylhydroxamic acid (and)
Glycreyl Caprylate (and) Glycerine
C5.0TEXTURLUX® RheoHydroxypropyl Starch
Tate & LylePolymer
C0.5PhytoTrace FigFicus Carcia(Fig) Fruit extract
(and) Glycerin(and) Water
D15.0SustOleo MCTTriheptanoinInolexEmollient
  1. Heat and maintain A to 85° C
  2. Add B to A with propeller mixing until uniform
  3. Remove from heat
  4. Premix C then add A/B with propeller mixing until uniform
  5. When A/B/C reached 50° C or less add D propeller stiring until uniform
Nourishing Night Cream is an innovative liquid crystalline lamellar gel network system, starting out as a lotion until the addition of TEXTURLUX® Rheo Personal Care Additives. This cream works well in a jar, offering excellent gloss and appealing ‘peaking’ during Pick-up. It also will shear-thin well enough to be dispensed from an airless pump package. Spreading is light yet luxurious. The after-feel is phenomenal.

Eye-area gels are soft to the touch with TEXTURLUX® Feel Personal Care Additives

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Most eye-area gels are built on Carbomers or silicone elastomers. Consumers are seeking more natural options. Bio-based specialty polymers TEXTURLUX® Feel allow formulation of clear gels that have tactile properties akin to both Carbomers and silicone elastomers. Firm gels can be produced in minutes with minimal mixing and without the need for heat or neutralization. These gels are soft to the touch and spread well but stay in place in the under-eye area.
ACTS 21473
Aye Yai Yai Fix
Tate & Lyle
B6.5TEXTURLUX® FeelHydroxypropyl Starch
Tate & LylePolymer
B1.0TEXTURLUX® ResistMaltodextrinTate & LylePolymer
B1.0Spectrastat G2Caprylhydroxamic acid (and)
Glycreyl Caprylate (and) Glycerine
  1. Premix B then add to A with size sweep agitation
Aye Yai Yai Fix has a soft silicone elastomer-like feel on application, drying to a skin firming film. The film is comfortable, not sticky or tacky. This formulation is a great vehicle for any sort of cosmetic active ingredient that may provide longer-term effects. As seen from the procedure, manufacture is very simple when using TEXTURLUX® Feel Personal Care Additives to produce clear gel formulations.

Foaming Cleansers with TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additives convey high quality

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Consumers purchase cleansers to clean. Foam is not required for cleaning, but it is a consumer cue which communicates this utility. Consumers also judge the quality of a cleanser in large part by the quality of the foam. TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additive, (INCI: Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, 94% biobased) does not foam, but when added at as little as 0.1% in a foaming cleanser can enhance the density, the lubriciousness, and the duration of the foam. Cleansers with TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additives communicate quality.
ACTS 21247
Micellar Mousse
Tate & Lyle
B1.0ESTERLAC® SLLSodium Lauroyl Lactylate
Caprylhydroxamic acid(and)
B1.0Spectrastat G2Caprylhydroxamic acid (and)
Glycreyl Caprylate (and) Glycerine
B0.5PURASAL® MOISTXSGluconateCorbionActive
B5.0TEXTURLUX® HoldHydroxypropyl Starch
Tate & LylePolymer
  1. Premix B then add to A with slow stiring intil uniform
Micellar Mousse started out as an excellent micellar water, offering exceptional make-up removal properties in an ultra-mild base. It contains only 1% mild foaming surfactant, enough for the cleansing activity, along with the humectant. This formulation with 0.1% TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additives can be placed in a foam pump, offering a hybrid system between a classic foaming cleanser (with a lot of surfactant) and a low/no foaming micellar water. The foam produced from a foam pump is thick, rich, and lubricious, allowing enough time for it to be worked on to the skin for maximum contact time before rinsing.

Sunscreens maintain SPF post immersion with TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additives

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Sun protection is extremely important, not only from an appearance standpoint, but also from a health perspective. In order to succeed, sunscreens must feel good, perform, and stay on during the rigors of life (including swimming.) TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additive, (INCI: Maltodextrin, 100% bio-based) is a water-soluble film former that can work in conjunction with classic oil-soluble film formers to create an integrated film on the skin as the formulation water evaporates. In an in-vitro SPF and water resistance study, a model sunscreen formulation lost 75% of its SPF after immersed in warm water, the same formulation with TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additives maintained all of the SPF post-immersion. New sunscreen formulation concepts are being developed. Contact Tate & Lyle for more information.


Case Studies from TEXTURLUX Personal Care Additives

Cold Process Creams Done Right, Finally– with TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

For the first time ever, Tate & Lyle presents a cold-processed cream platform that consumers and formulators will like. Using TEXTURLUX® Stabil and TEXTURLUX® Rheo, cold processed creams can look AND feel great, be easy to make, and have high biobased content. Turn down the heat and turn up the luxury with TEXTURLUX®.


Easily transfer lotion into cream with TEXTURLUX® Rheo

Going from a thin lotion to a thick cream generally means radical reformulation. With the help of TEXTURLUX® Rheo, the formulator can now easily transform a lotion into a cream–one that has pleasing tactile properties. Download this case study to find out how and access the formulation for Nourishing Night Cream using TEXTURLUX® Rheo.


Stability of lotions made easy with TEXTURLUX® Stabil

If stability of your lotions is not where you need it to be, time-consuming reworking of the emulsifier system may be required. TEXTURLUX® Stabil 100% bio-based super-stabilizing hydroxylyzed corn starch hydroxyethyl ether can be post-added to emulsions for increased stability. Download this case study to learn more and access the formulation for Moisturizing Spray Lotion.



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