TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives give the formulator new tools to create improved and innovative bio-based cosmetics and personal care products. Cosmetics formulators can use these functional additives for thickening, emulsion stabilization, and film forming in the formulation of skin creams, lotions, gels, serums, hair products and other cosmetics and personal care products. The TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives are sustainably produced and available in non-GMO versions.

Hair care concepts and Formulations with TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

Hair Styling Gels with TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additives for hold and flexibility

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Hair styling gels have stuck with the same platform for decades. Water, maybe some alcohol, Carbomer, fixative resin, plasticizer, and fragrance. The fixative resins vary but are almost exclusively synthetic. TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additive, INCI: Maltodextrin, 100% biobased) offers a firm, flexible hold that does not flake. Hold and flexibility can be modulated through varying the level of TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additive nd working with various ratios of the 100% bio-based ZEMEA Propanediol humectant/plasticizer.
ACTS 21472
Hair Goals
Tate & Lyle
B6.5TEXTURLUX® FeelHydroxypropyl Starch PhosphateTate&LylePolymer
B1.0TEXTURLUX® ResistMaltodextrinTate&LylePolymer
B1.0Spectrastat G2Caprylhydroxamic acid (and)
Glycreyl Caprylate (and) Glycerine
  1. Premix B then add to A with size sweep agitation
Hair Goals is an easy-to-produce, clear hair styling gel with excellent performance and wonderful aesthetics. The hold is firm but not brittle, with no flaking. TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additive provides the hold. This formulation will test out close to 100% biobased. (The clever observer will note that this is the same (versatile) formulation as Aye Yai Yai Fix.)

Shampoos with TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additives enhance the shampooing experience

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Consumers purchase shampoos to clean their hair (and because they like the fragrance.) They repurchase shampoos because they enjoy the experience they provide. A large part of the experience is the foam. The addition of as little as 0.1% TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additive, INCI: Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, 94% biobased) can enhance the experience regarding the density, richness, and lubriciousness of the foam. A current challenge to formulators has been to create clear, sulfate-free shampoos that have the quality of foam seen (and felt) in classic sulfate-containing systems. Innovative shampoo concepts are being perfected currently. Contact Tate & Lyle for more information.


Case Studies from TEXTURLUX Personal Care Additives

Cold Process Creams Done Right, Finally– with TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

For the first time ever, Tate & Lyle presents a cold-processed cream platform that consumers and formulators will like. Using TEXTURLUX® Stabil and TEXTURLUX® Rheo, cold processed creams can look AND feel great, be easy to make, and have high biobased content. Turn down the heat and turn up the luxury with TEXTURLUX®.


Easily transfer lotion into cream with TEXTURLUX® Rheo

Going from a thin lotion to a thick cream generally means radical reformulation. With the help of TEXTURLUX® Rheo, the formulator can now easily transform a lotion into a cream–one that has pleasing tactile properties. Download this case study to find out how and access the formulation for Nourishing Night Cream using TEXTURLUX® Rheo.


Stability of lotions made easy with TEXTURLUX® Stabil

If stability of your lotions is not where you need it to be, time-consuming reworking of the emulsifier system may be required. TEXTURLUX® Stabil 100% bio-based super-stabilizing hydroxylyzed corn starch hydroxyethyl ether can be post-added to emulsions for increased stability. Download this case study to learn more and access the formulation for Moisturizing Spray Lotion.



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