TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives give the formulator new tools to create improved and innovative bio-based cosmetics and personal care products. Cosmetics formulators can use these functional additives for thickening, emulsion stabilization, and film forming in the formulation of skin creams, lotions, gels, serums, hair products and other cosmetics and personal care products. The TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives are sustainably produced and available in non-GMO versions.

Benefit from easy incorporation and improved performance with TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

Benefits for your cosmetic formulations
Natural TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives are bio-based specialty polymers derived from renewable, sustainably grown raw materials. These additives enable cosmetics developers to accomplish a trade-off between performance and concern for the environment.

The incorporation of TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives into cosmetic products provides excellent performance and benefits such as water resistance or “sweat-proof” features and long-lasting properties. A variety of these polymers function as thickeners, emulsifiers, protective films or barrier-forming ingredients, and make products with outstanding aesthetics and rheology smoother products with a pleasant feel overall. High molecular weight is an advantage of TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives which means they do not readily penetrate the skin. Compared to conventional alternatives, they do not cause stinging, burning or redness.

TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives have outstanding compatibility with a wide range of ingredients due to their non-ionic character. They are available as off-white, free-flowing powders soluble in normal and cold water. These bio-based specialty polymers have a tendency of swelling in cold water and this characteristic is important to provide instant viscosity and body to formulations when needed. Some ingredients give a greasy feeling in formulations which is not aesthetically desired. TEXTULUX Personal Care Additives reduce greasiness and provide a conditioning after-feel and enhanced aesthetics. The inclusion of TEXTURLUX® additives in any formula reduces the processing time, stabilizes the emulsions at any temperature and simplifies emulsion procedures. As free flowing powders, bio-based specialty polymers can be used in all types of creams and lotions, foundations, powders, shampoos and conditioners, and sunscreen products.

Get a snapshot of the many benefits of TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

  • High bio content and low use levels needed
  • Allow formulators to use cold processes and minimal shear to achieve easy incorporation into their formulas, both during and post formulation
  • Can be stirred directly into emulsions
  • Work very well with common ingredients used in personal care formulations
  • Can replace natural or synthetic ingredients such as vegetable gums and acrylic acid derivatives
  • Suitable for sulfate-free formulations
  • Provide excellent rheology, sensational aesthetics and superb stability without being sticky or tacky
  • Can be used in all types of sin care, hair care and sunscreen products

TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives are used to thicken water-based formulations or transform them into gels. When used in shampoos, conditioners, creams, and lotions, these formulations have an increased thickness and feel more rich, smooth and creamy. Thanks to their film-forming properties, TEXTURLUX additives provide water resistance and sweat resistance to formulas, making them long lasting due to the formation of strong films.

TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives function as absorbents and binding agents in skincare and hair care products. They are easily hydrated in an aqueous environment and are able to form a gel-like structure in formulas. These functional additives bind other ingredients together and prevent their separation.

In hair products, TEXTURLUX® additives help hair styles to withstand windy or humid conditions, diminish frizz, and provide various finish choices such as stiff hold or soft natural feel. They can be incorporated in lotions, sprays, gels and foams.

TEXTURLUX® bio-based specialty polymers act as conditioning polymers which improve skin feel and hair manageability and make the skin and hair softer and smoother.

Learn more about the functions and properties of each TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additive in skincare, suncare, and hair care formulations


TEXTURLUX® Rheo has outstanding thickening properties, turning lotions into creams with excellent aesthetics and rheology. When added into formula, it provides a linear viscosity response with minimal shear required. This functional additive stabilizes emulsions at any temperature and imparts a smooth, thick feeling. When used in skincare cosmetic products, TEXTURLUX® Rheo delivers a pleasant feeling on the skin and enhances the sensory and optical properties of the formula. It can be also used in formulation of sun care products. Download Case Study
Easily transform lotions into creams
with TEXTURLUX® Rheo

TEXTURLUX® Hold Personal Care Additive delivers excellent thickening properties to formulations, enhances viscosity stability and aesthetics. The addition of small amounts to clear surfactant-based cleansing systems can increase foam stability. TEXTURLUX® Hold is particularly suitable for sulfate-free formulas. Besides skincare and sun care products, it is also used in hair care products because it is gentle on hair. When applied on hair, entanglement is eliminated and a smooth, velvety feel is delivered.

TEXTURLUX® Feel creates clear “natural” eye gels and “emulsifier free” formulations with minimal efforts and excellent aesthetics. It delivers outstanding thickening properties to formulations and stabilizes viscosity during shelf-life. TEXTURLUX® Feel Personal Care Additive is suitable for use in skincare products, sun care and hair care products such as hair styling gels. As compatible with other gelling agents and polymer thickeners, TEXTURLUX® Feel is able to create clear hair gel formulations with superior hold and humidity resistance.

TEXTURLUX® Stabil Personal Care Additive creates nontraditional “emulsifier free” formulations such as polymer microgel or pickering emulsions. When used in a formulation, TEXTURLUX® Stabil acts as a viscosity controlling agent and increases viscosity of a product. In addition, it delivers additional stability when added in post formulations. TEXTURLUX® Stabil can be used in formulation of skincare, suncare and hair care products. When applied on skin, it attracts moisture from the environment and skin benefits from it. This bio-based specialty polymer can deposit or absorb into the proteins of the skin and hair, contributing to the conditioning properties. TEXTURLUX® Stabil moisturizes the dry skin, delivers smooth skin after feel, helps in controlling shine and oiliness and reduces stickiness. When used in hair care products, TEXTURLUX® Stabil moisturizes, conditions hair and helps in absorption of products into hair.

TEXTURLUX® Resist Personal Care Additive has exceptional clarity, thick rheology, stability and aesthetic properties. It contributes in the formation of a moisture barrier and total water-resistance package in a formulation. It can also function as an absorbent, binder and emulsion stabilizer. TEXTURLUX® Resist has great compatibility with commonly used gelling agents and other polymer thickeners. In combination with ZEMEA Propanediol, films are not tacky or sticky. Additional benefits of TEXTURLUX® Resist in formulations include moisturization, anti-aging and anti-irritation properties. TEXTURLUX® Resist can also function as a hair conditioning agent and a hair fixative, providing exceptional performance on hair. When applied on hair, this bio-based specialty polymer forms a film-like coating which results in an increased diameter of hair strands, which in turns deliver the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Be sure to visit the application pages for skincare/suncare and hair care to learn more about TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives PLUS access formulations you can try today.


Case Studies from TEXTURLUX Personal Care Additives

Cold Process Creams Done Right, Finally– with TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Additives

For the first time ever, Tate & Lyle presents a cold-processed cream platform that consumers and formulators will like. Using TEXTURLUX® Stabil and TEXTURLUX® Rheo, cold processed creams can look AND feel great, be easy to make, and have high biobased content. Turn down the heat and turn up the luxury with TEXTURLUX®.


Easily transfer lotion into cream with TEXTURLUX® Rheo

Going from a thin lotion to a thick cream generally means radical reformulation. With the help of TEXTURLUX® Rheo, the formulator can now easily transform a lotion into a cream–one that has pleasing tactile properties. Download this case study to find out how and access the formulation for Nourishing Night Cream using TEXTURLUX® Rheo.


Stability of lotions made easy with TEXTURLUX® Stabil

If stability of your lotions is not where you need it to be, time-consuming reworking of the emulsifier system may be required. TEXTURLUX® Stabil 100% bio-based super-stabilizing hydroxylyzed corn starch hydroxyethyl ether can be post-added to emulsions for increased stability. Download this case study to learn more and access the formulation for Moisturizing Spray Lotion.



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