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Surfactants are key ingredients in many cosmetics formulations. Learn how they are used as a cleanser, emulsifier, dispersant, penetrator or thickener. Surfactants can also be added as wetting, foaming or solubilizing agents to various product formulations. Discover the wide range of surfactants from Sanyo Chemical offering high performance and low-irritancy. Download formulation guides for your hair care, skin care and make-up applications.

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Case Studies from Selecting the Right Surfactant for Cosmetics

Natural derived surfactants for cosmetics reducing skin discomfort

Surfactants are among the most essential ingredients used during cosmetic product formulation. Formulators are faced with several challenges when using surfactants to find the perfect balance between performance while conforming to market regulations and safety standards. Sanyo Chemical Industries provides formulators with naturally derived surfactants and a sulfate-free range of products allowing high performance and reducing skin discomfort.

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