From fixatives to film formers to emollient esters, Eastman innovative solutions help cosmetic formulators to create new products with tangible consumer benefits. Visit this technical center to learn the latest trends and gain easy access to Eastman product solutions, application guides and starting point formulations for skin and sun care, eye and face color cosmetics, hair care, and nail care.

Solutions for Care and Protection of Skin

Eastman offers a variety of solutions to meet the current trends and needs of cosmetics formulators to make their skin and sun care products perform better and last longer. Find out more in the application guide below and benefit from Eastman’s starting point formulations of various skin care and sun care products.

Current trends

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Personal Care Solutions
Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients that make up their personal care and cosmetic products. They are showing a clear preference for products that are based on natural, cleaner, and greener ingredients and perceive such products to be safer. There is a rising demand for sustainable products formulated with plant-based ingredients and produced using eco-friendly production processes.

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The wide range of skin care products on the market today includes moisturizing creams, skin cleansers, antiaging creams, skin-lightening treatments, night creams, and hydrating creams. Sun care products include lotions, sprays, and sticks for various skin types that gently shield the skin from the sun. Formulators of these products need to carefully balance the right ingredients to achieve the optimal balance of performance, safety, and sustainability.
Eastman Personal care

Eastman solutions

Cosmetics formulators are on the lookout for ingredients that can make their products perform better and last longer while meeting health and safety standards. Eastman offers a variety of ingredients to improve skin formulations, from moisturizing creams to sunscreens. Its range of antiaging ingredients and functional film formers provides increased stability and solubility, excellent film formation, better skin compatibility, and improved water resistance to skin care formulations.

Eastman’s novel ester technology is based on careful selection of the alcohol and acid components. It has developed techniques to manufacture derivatives of retinol, idebenone, resveratrol, DMAE, kojic acid, and azelaic acid. In sun care products, Eastman ingredients can increase the duration of UV protection. The company offers polymeric, water-dispersible film formers that greatly improve water resistance in a variety of sunscreen lotions and sprays. Performance attributes of Eastman’s skin care and sun care ingredients include:
  • Increased stability of oils, especially unsaturated oils, for a longer product shelf-life and sustained performance
  • Skin-lightening ingredients help lighten dark areas to produce a paler, more even skin tone.
  • Good solubility and compatibility with other ingredients allow formulators greater freedom in formulating high-performance products.
  • Sustainably manufactured ingredients help reduce the carbon footprint and meet consumer demand for greener products.
  • Improved water resistance in a variety of sunscreens for long-lasting UV protection
  • Increased duration of UV protection leads to improved protection and reduces the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Excellent film formation provides better adhesion to the skin.
  • Film forming polymers are added to the water phase and help in emulsification of oil-phase ingredients.

Application guide

Applications of some popular Eastman ingredients for skin care and sun care products are summarized here. Click on the product name to download the corresponding technical data sheet (TDS) for further information, or contact us for more information.
Type of
Regalite™ R1090 hydrocarbon resin
Regalite R1090 is a water-white, inert, thermoplastic resin. It is soluble in aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It has a very light color, offers excellent adhesion, and has very good resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation with excellent compatibility. It is used as a fixative in cosmetics products.
Eastman ester gum 8D resin Eastman ester gum 8D resin is a pale, low-acid-number thermoplastic resin with good solubility. It possesses tack-producing properties and offers good compatibility. Eastman ester gum 8D resin is used as a fixative in the formulation of cosmetic care products.
Film formers—water-
dispersible polymers
Eastman AQ™ 38S polymer Eastman AQ 38S is a water-dispersible film former for the care and protection of skin. It adheres to the skin, forming a flexible film, and imparts a smooth feel to creams, lotions, and sprays. It improves water resistance of formulations and helps in retention of UV absorbers on the skin, which makes it perfect for use in long-lasting, water-resistant sunscreens. Eastman AQ 38S improves coverage of sprayable sunscreens. It aids in the emulsification of oil-phase UV absorbers and other organic emollients usually present in skin care and sunscreen emulsions.
Film formers—cellulose ester Eastman cellulose
acetate butyrate (CAB)

Cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) is a cellulose ester compatible with numerous cross-linking resins. It produces clear films, reduces surface tack and mottling, minimizes cratering, improves flow, and provides intercoat adhesion with good UV stability. It is used as a film former in the formulation of skin care products.
Eastman cellulose
acetate propionate (CAP)
Eastman cellulose acetate propionate is used as a film former to produce films with fast solvent release, excellent anti-blocking properties, and grease resistance.
Functional skin care ingredients Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate
Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate is a high-purity, nonirritating, biobased antiaging ingredient for skin care formulations. It is manufactured using Eastman’s EPA award-winning GEM technology. At room temperature, it is a pourable liquid, supplied as a high-purity (>95%) assay free of carriers.
Eastman GEM™ retinyl linoleate
Eastman GEM™ retinyl linoleate is a sustainably manufactured, high-quality antiaging ingredient. It is used in skin, body, and facial care formulations to impart antiaging properties.
Eastman hydroquinone, USP grade
Eastman hydroquinone USP acts as an antiaging agent and finds application in the production of effective skin-lightening products in the form of creams, lotions, and gels. Eastman’s high quality ensures safety, effectiveness, consistent purity, and potency of cosmetic formulations.
Emollient esters Eastman GEM™
2-ethylhexyl palmitate
Eastman GEM™ 2-ethylhexyl palmitate is a high-quality emollient ester for use in sun care and skin care applications. It is manufactured using Eastman GEM™ technology, which significantly reduces energy use, carbon emissions, waste, and water usage compared to conventional processes.
Antioxidants Eastman Tenox™ BHT
Eastman Tenox™ TBHQ
Eastman Tenox™ BHT and Eastman Tenox™ TBHQ are food grade antioxidants developed for stabilizing various oils, fats, and cosmetics formulations. They guard against oxidative deterioration to retard development of rancidity and extend the product’s shelf life.
Preservatives Eastman benzoic acid, TG, flake
Probenz™ SG sodium benzoate, kosher
Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are used as pH adjusters and preservatives in cosmetic formulations. Benzoic acid also works as an antifungal agent in topical therapeutic preparations.
Plasticizers Triacetin Triacetin by Eastman acts as a fragrance fixative and plasticizer. It has high solvency power and low volatility. Eastman triacetin is used in skin care and color cosmetics applications.

Starting point formulations

Eastman has prepared starting point formulations of various skin care and sun care products to illustrate the use of its ingredients. These recipes can give formulators a jump-start on new projects or help them incorporate high-performance Eastman ingredients into existing products. Try out these formulations as is, or study them to find out how you can make Eastman technology a part of your winning formula.
Starting formulation for eye and face cosmetics
Product Key ingredient Download formulation
Antiaging GEM retinyl linoleate and
GEM 2-ethylhexyl palmitate
Antiaging skin care GEM retinyl sunflowerate
Creamy facial cleanser GEM 2-ethylhexyl palmitate
High SPF sunscreen spray Eastman AQ 38S
Long-wear antiaging serum GEM retinyl sunflowerate
Sheet mask emulsion GEM retinyl linoleate and
GEM 2-ethylhexyl palmitate
Water-resistant sunscreen lotion Eastman AQ 38S
Eastman offers a range of skin care and sun care ingredients to enhance product performance. The company is constantly innovating to help formulators improve product performance and optimize the product development cycle. Eastman’s technical support team can help you decide which ingredients are best suited to your application. To learn more about how you can benefit from Eastman technology, contact us today.


Case Studies from Eastman solutions for the personal care and cosmetics industry

Stable and non-irritating retinoid antiaging skin care with Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate

Four-page case study details why Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate offers an attractive alternative to retinol and retinyl palmitate for use in antiaging formulations. Even at low concentration, it is highly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.


Improve water resistance in color cosmetics and sunscreens

At Eastman, you’ll find water-dispersible, film-forming polymers to perfect your water resistance and long-wear products. Eastman advancements in film formation provide improved smudge, transfer, and water resistance in color cosmetics and sunscreens, and Eastman formulations are tunable.

AQ polymers for cosmetics and personal care applications are linear, amorphous polyesters that disperse in water without the assistance of organic solvents, surfactants, or amines. Formulations containing AQ polymers reach a dry-to-touch state after a relatively short dry time.



Downloads from Eastman solutions for the personal care and cosmetics industry

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