From fixatives to film formers to emollient esters, Eastman innovative solutions help cosmetic formulators to create new products with tangible consumer benefits. Visit this technical center to learn the latest trends and gain easy access to Eastman product solutions, application guides and starting point formulations for skin and sun care, eye and face color cosmetics, hair care, and nail care.

High Performance Hair Care Ingredients

Want to get a head start on perfecting your next hair care product? Here you can discover Eastman innovative solutions and the latest trends in hair care. Find starting point formulations for hair spray, conditioning gel, hairstyling cream, and spray gel and access the application guide with links for easy access to technical data sheets.

Current trends

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Personal Care Solutions
Personalization and individuality are increasingly important to users of hair care products. Consumers are on the lookout for products specifically designed for their hair type and suited to their specific styling preferences. The endless combinations of hair types and styles can make it challenging for formulators to produce products that meet consumer expectations. Hair care is a complex science as well as an art. With a wide range of hair care products available on the market today, formulators need a reliable supplier of ingredients who can take care of the science, allowing them to focus on the art.

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Major hair care products on the market include shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, and hair spray. Other popular products are hair masks, styling gel, hair serum, hair color, and various heat protective products. Formulating hair care products that satisfy consumer needs while meeting sustainability goals and complying with safety regulations requires expertise and innovation.

Eastman Hair care

Eastman solutions

Eastman has a long history of supplying innovative ingredients to the personal care and cosmetics industry. The company is committed to introducing new technologies and spawning fresh ideas that ease the job of cosmetics formulators. Eastman offers high-quality ingredients for hair care and hairstyling applications, including antioxidants, fragrance fixatives, film formers, solvents, and preservatives. These ingredients impart key performance attributes to hair care and hairstyling products. Major performance attributes of Eastman hair care ingredients include:
  • Tunable firmness allows formulators to regulate the level of stiffness depending on product and styling requirements.
  • Low tack helps avoid sticky hair in humid environments.
  • Excellent hold and curl retention help produce styles that retain their look for an extended period.
  • Enhanced gloss and body give a wholesome and healthy look to hair.
  • Reduced drying time helps in the formulation of quick-use, on-the-go products.
  • Improved manageability and added body open up a range of styling possibilities.
  • Easy-to-wash-out products require less time to use and help reduce water consumption.

Application guide

Applications of some popular Eastman ingredients for hair care and hair styling products are summarized below. Click on the product name to download the corresponding technical data sheet (TDS).
Type of
Film formers—water-
dispersible polymers
Eastman AQ™ 55S polymer Eastman AQ polymers serve as hair fixatives in hair care applications such as hair sprays, styling creams, and gels. Eastman AQ polymers provide low tack, excellent hold and curl retention, and enhanced gloss to a variety of hairstyling products with a short drying time.

AQ 55S polymer aids the dispersion of many hydrophobic ingredients in water-based products. It forms a clear film at room temperature from an aqueous dispersion. In hairstyling products, AQ 55S provides excellent hold under high-humidity conditions. Its stiffness can be easily modified with plasticizers and thickeners.
Eastman AQ™ 48 ultra polymer Eastman AQ™ 48 ultra polymer has been designed specifically for use as a hair fixative. It disperses directly in a mixture of ethanol and water without the need for surfactants or other additives. Low-viscosity dispersions can be prepared at concentrations up to 30% polymer solids. AQ polymers aid the dispersion of hydrophobic ingredients in water-based formulations. The films formed from the dispersions are clear and glossy. AQ 48 ultra polymer is compatible with high levels of alcohol and has good wash-out with shampooing. It provides excellent hold at high humidity in aerosol and pump hair sprays, as well as in clear styling gel formulations.
Antioxidants Eastman Tenox™ BHT
Eastman Tenox™ TBHQ
Eastman Tenox™ BHT and Eastman Tenox™ TBHQ are food grade antioxidants developed for stabilizing various oils, fats, and cosmetics formulations against oxidative deterioration. They can be used in hair care products to retard the development of rancidity, extending the product shelf life.
Fragrance fixatives Eastman Sustane™ SAIB Eastman Sustane™ SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate) acts as a fragrance fixative in hair care formulations. It is also used in shampoos and conditioners to improve manageability and to add body to hair. It is produced by the controlled esterification of natural sucrose with acetic acid and isobutyric anhydrides. Sustane SAIB is a kosher certified product.
Solvents Eastman methyl acetate, high purity Eastman methyl acetate is a quick-evaporating, mild-odor, active solvent. It is useful as a fast-evaporating component in high-solvent systems and in applications where fast solvent release and short dry-to-touch time are important. It is exempt from regulation as a VOC under U.S. federal law. It can therefore be used to lower the VOCs in hair sprays and other hairstyling products.
Preservatives Eastman benzoic acid, TG, flake
Probenz™ SG sodium benzoate, kosher
Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are used as pH adjusters or as preservatives in hair care formulations.

Starting point formulations

Eastman experts have developed starting point formulations to assist its customers in getting the most out of its products. These formulations can help formulators get a head start on perfecting their next top product. These formulations are also useful for understanding how high-performance Eastman ingredients can be incorporated into existing products. Try out these formulations for hair spray, conditioning gel, hairstyling cream, and spray gel. Eastman experts are also available for assistance with your specific formulations.
Starting formulation for eye and face cosmetics
Product Key ingredient Download formulation
Clear 55% VOC hair spray Eastman AQ 48 ultra
Clear conditioning gels Eastman AQ 48 and
UCARE polymers JR
Hairstyling cream Eastman AQ 55S
Spray gel Eastman AQ 48 ultra
Eastman ingredients for hair care and hairstyling products have been designed to deliver the most desirable performance attributes. The company’s international team of hair care and cosmetics experts work to simplify the task of product development and help customers produce top-quality products. Eastman’s experienced technical support professionals can assist you in picking the right hair care ingredients to help you achieve key performance goals. To learn more about how you can benefit from Eastman’s innovative ingredients and services, contact us today.


Case Studies from Eastman solutions for the personal care and cosmetics industry

Stable and non-irritating retinoid antiaging skin care with Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate

Four-page case study details why Eastman GEM™ retinyl sunflowerate offers an attractive alternative to retinol and retinyl palmitate for use in antiaging formulations. Even at low concentration, it is highly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.


Improve water resistance in color cosmetics and sunscreens

At Eastman, you’ll find water-dispersible, film-forming polymers to perfect your water resistance and long-wear products. Eastman advancements in film formation provide improved smudge, transfer, and water resistance in color cosmetics and sunscreens, and Eastman formulations are tunable.

AQ polymers for cosmetics and personal care applications are linear, amorphous polyesters that disperse in water without the assistance of organic solvents, surfactants, or amines. Formulations containing AQ polymers reach a dry-to-touch state after a relatively short dry time.



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