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DSM skin care ingredients including SYN® peptides and specialty bioactives are designed to meet consumer desired benefits and help skin care formulators and brand owners take their own products to the next level in applications to address anti-aging, wrinkle repair, and more.

Skincare Actives Designed to meet Anti-Aging Trends & Performance

How is the skin care market changing?

Anti-aging skin care solutions are top of mind for consumers. Consumers are actively educating themselves on both the factors that impact skin aging and the ingredients to look for in their skin care products. This is why formulators of skin care products rely on ingredients that are designed to meet consumer desired benefits.

Traditionally ingredient suppliers start with an ingredient and, through trial and error, try to discover the benefits of this ingredient. DSM starts with the consumer desired end benefit and designs the best ingredient solutions to deliver those benefits.

What makes rational design unique?

DSM’s rational design approach starts with a deep understanding of the chemistry and biology of how the skin works and results in the development of optimized potent skin care actives with standardized and highly effective mechanisms of action. Some of the key DSM Skincare potent active peptides and specialty bioactives according to consumer benefit include:
Skin care activity

Desired Consumer Benefit DSM Skincare Ingredient Solution Key Benefit
Firming and volumizing skin (hyaluronic acid, collagen) SYN®-HYCAN Peptide

SYN®-COLL Peptide
Increases skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid

Boosts collagen and inhibits degradation
Hydration/moisturization PENTAVITIN®
specialty bioactives
100% natural and binds to skin for hydration
Reduce wrinkles SYN®-AKE Peptide Visible deep wrinkle smoothing with ability to relax muscle contraction in vitro
Reduce skin thinning caused by stress BEL-EVEN™
specialty bioactives
Counteracts the damaging effects of stress on skin
Thanks to DSM knowledge and skin care solutions, skin care formulators and brand owners can take their own products to the next level not only in terms of performance but with deep knowledge and data to support claims for anti-aging, wrinkle repair, and more. Beyond skin care, DSM Personal Care also offers expertise and ingredient solutions in sun and hair care.

And, thanks to DSM’s flexibility to provide formulator support and small package sizes, many independent brands turn to DSM as a key supplier for their skin care ingredients.

Discover more in this technical center on the benefits, applications, and formulations for DSM’s SYN®-Peptides and specialty bioactives PENTAVITIN® and BEL-EVEN™. Visit our special feature on the skin microbiome.


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