APPS is a unique vitamin C derivative successfully used in skin care (creams, lotions, serums) and offering outstanding beneficial effects: anti-aging, brightening, anti-acne


APPS infographic

A multifunctional and safe ingredient for Skin Care
Benefit from the unique advantages of APPS vitamin C derivative!


APPS: one unique feature...

Deep and Powerful skin penetration arrow High delivery of Ascorbic Acid to the epidermis AND the dermis!

... For 3 beneficial effects (At <1% of APPS in the total formulation)

  1. Superior anti-aging
  2. Anti-wrinkles: APPS prevents collagen damages and supports collagen renewal
  3. Brightening
  4. Skin lightening: APPS prevents melanin synthesis and helps to remove pigmentation caused by UV
  5. Anti-acne
  6. APPS has an anti-inflammatory effect

And what is APPS exactly?

A vitamin C derivative (= Trisodium ascorbyl 6-palmitate 2-phosphate)
  • High purity and stabilized amphiphilic molecule
  • Safe solution for Lotions and Creams
  • Successfully used by the Cosmetic industry

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