APPS vitamin C derivative for skin care

APPS is a unique vitamin C derivative successfully used in skin care (creams, lotions, serums) and offering outstanding beneficial effects: anti-aging, brightening, anti-acne

APPS vitamin C derivative

APPS vitamin C derivative for skin care

APPS is a unique vitamin C derivative and an active ingredient that has been successfully used in skin care by many cosmetics companies. This amphiphilic molecule is a chemically modified version of vitamin C and thus it is more effective.
As a vitamin C derivative, it acts as an antioxidative agent and an anti-melanogenesis agent (inhibition of melanin production) and more effectively than other vitamin C derivatives.

What is behind APPS vitamin C derivative?

APPS chemical name is Trisodium Ascorbyl 6-Palmitate 2-Phosphate.
apps molecule chemical structure

What is APPS uniqueness?

APPS is a unique amphiphilic vitamin C derivative.
Its amphiphilic chemical form contributes to the penetration through the basal layer without any loss of solubility; in comparison to other vitamin C derivatives which are hydrophilic and therefore only suitable for aqueous formulations.

Thanks to this deep and powerful penetration into the skin, APPS is immediately converted to ascorbic acid (natural form of vitamin C) not only in the epidermis but also in the dermis.
Access more details by reading our technical brochure.
The efficient delivery of acid ascorbic to different skin layers enables many beneficial effects for the skin.

Rejuvenate and lighten: the advantages of this vitamin C derivative

At only 1% concentration in the formulation and even less, APPS offers beneficial effects to the skin:

Skin care formulations with APPS



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