The Universal Selection Source: Cosmetics Ingredients

Apr 24, 2013 | Article

Composition Comprising a Superabsorbent Polymer and a Gemini Surfactant

The present patent application relates to a composition in emulsion form comprising a superabsorbent polymer and to the use of the said composition in cosmetics and dermatology, in particular for...

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May 12, 2010 | Article

Water waving of human hair

Permanent waving of human hair using reducing agents is a well known process. Such waving is relatively stable and therefore, often referred to as permanent waving (perming). However, it is to be...

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Apr 4, 2012 | Article

Use of Charged Surfactants for Reducing Textile Staining by Antiperspirants

The invention comprises the use of one or more charged surfactants in preparations having an antiperspirant effect for reducing staining in or on clothing and improving improvement the ability of...

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Mar 17, 2009 | Article

Basic Emulsion Technology (From a Color Chemist’s Perspective)

By Nick Morante

Emulsions are systems composed of two or more immiscible materials, in which one material (the discontinuous or internal phase) is suspended or dispersed throughout another material (the continuous...

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Online Course

Julian Hewitt
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Wednesday Jun 14 2017

By Julian Hewitt

Meet faster your high SPF & UVA targets. Julian Hewitt will share his unique expertise to help you select the right active(s), maximize their efficacy and ensure the photostability of the formulation.

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