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Nov 23, 2011 | Article

Latest FDA Sunscreen Regulations

By Nick Morante

The United States Food and Drug and Administration released its final Sunscreen Monograph on June 22, 2011. It has taken over 30 years to create this final ruling. These changes include much...

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Mar 9, 2011 | Article

Long-wear and Water Resistant Mascara Composition Enhancing Volume and Shine

It has been known that mascaras are usually structured with waxes. The conventional waxes used in mascara formulations have crystals that are large enough to diffract/scatter light, giving the...

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Feb 8, 2007 | Article

Formulation of Mascara

By Nick Morante

Mascara is probably the most difficult product in the color and decorative cosmetics category to formulate. It is difficult in that there are multiple facets of the product that must come together...

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Jun 29, 2011 | Article

Sun Protection and Photo-aging

By Nancy Jeffries

Sun care protection now has a latest mandate. Not only are consumers seeking and purchasing products that protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun, but they are also seeking sun care with...

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Dec 15, 2010 | Article

Long-Lasting, Waterproof Topical Sun Protection Agent wiht Activity up to Weeks

Disclosed are compositions for use as a sunscreen or sunblock which may provide long-acting, waterproof or water-resistant, broad spectrum topical sun protection with activity up to weeks without...

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Jul 27, 2006 | Article

The Sun Care Conundrum Part I: Discourse and Product Development

By Nancy Jeffries

Sun care protection is undergoing a transformation. No longer do sunbathers bask blithely, with a slippery gloss of oil to protect themselves from UV rays. Ingredient innovation and education have...

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Julian Hewitt
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Wednesday Jun 14 2017

By Julian Hewitt

Meet faster your high SPF & UVA targets. Julian Hewitt will share his unique expertise to help you select the right active(s), maximize their efficacy and ensure the photostability of the formulation.

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