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SLIM EC3®: New multi active slimming complex

Brochure | Supplied by Inabata

SLIM EC3® is a multi-active slimming complex composed of Esculin - Camellia oil - Carnitine and Caffeine. These ingredients are working together to act at all level of fat elimination. The innovation of this complex is the activation a completely new and previously unseen in cosmetics, biological pathway of lipolysis. This pathway, was describe very recently after researches conducted on obesity.

Moreover synergic effect between ingredients of the complex has been proven in-vitro. All combined activities will lead to a greater efficacy:

  • Dramatically increased breakdown of triglycerides stocks into free fatty acids
  • Synergic effect between two biological pathway to increase even more lipolysis
  • Fatty acids elimination through microcirculation
  • Fatty acids burning into mitochondrial energy production cycles

If you want to find out more about this breakthrough active complex, Visit us at in-cosmetic global in London, April 4th to 6th, INABATA’s booth n°DD35

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