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Cosmetic Formulation for Dummies

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 27, 2006

In College I was able to take almost every science course offered by the Department of Life Sciences. There was one course I did not take, or wasn't allowed to take. That was a Biology course for non-science majors. Non-science majors were those in a degree program for Political Science, Business, or Law. I don't know what the course covered but it had to be somewhat simple. That brings me to the subject of this article. How would a formulator fluent in color and decorative cosmetics be able to formulate a shampoo without knowing what to do first? I picked this because it seemed simple enough to start with. Here the subject would be called something like "shampoo for non-hair care formulators." The outline contained the necessary ingredients that would be essential for a functional shampoo, as well as the concentration of each ingredient type to make the product work. All one had to do is look up the key ingredients in a formulator's guide, some supplier literature or brochure, or a handy copy of McCutcheon's Functional Materials.

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Juan B Feb 5, 2016
This is an excellent article. And so would be those having to do with hands and body soaps...

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