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CM-Glucan Forte

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Mibelle Biochemistry in-cosmetics global 2017

Magnesium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan. CM-Glucan Forte acts as a rebalancing agent. It is a single molecule substance that rebalances the skin's Th1/Th2 immune system, sooths irritations and strengthens the skin barrier. CM-Glucan Forte has proven to protect the skin from outside pathogens and allergens by inhibiting microbes from binding to skin lesions. It helps relieve 6 distressing symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Those clinical studies were performed with patients suffering from eczema. It reduces redness, itchiness, irritations, dryness, skin tensions which results in beautiful, flawless and even skin. Used in skin care formulations.

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