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PEPHA®-AGE by DSM acts as anti-stress, regenerating, anti-aging and radian promoting active. It is a sustainably sourced and produced extract of the freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus rubescens (green algae) which has high resistance to sunlight. The extract is produced in state-of-the art photo-bioreactors using a biotech process, and contains a unique mixture of amino acids, vitamins (B3), lutein, algal sugars and minerals (zinc). It stimulates the skin’s own resilience through improved fibroblast viability and regeneration after UV and blue light stress, and increased total collagen levels. It helps increase collagen and reduce number of sunburn cells after exposure to UVB radiation. It limits epidermal damage caused by exposure to sunlight and in particular to blue light, minimizing signs of photo-aging and restoring skin’s radiance. PEPHA®-AGE is suggested for use in skin care formulations.

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Derived from freshwater microalgae
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