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Bio-Keratin PF

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Cobiosa

Aqua (water), hydrolyzed keratin. Bio-Keratin PF acts as a conditioner for hair as well as nails and a repairer of damaged nails. It is an active ingredient obtained from a controlled bio-hydrolysis of native proteins coming chicken feathers. Is paraben-free and hydro soluble. Offers high homology and bio-affinity for the keratin of the skin, hair and nails. Has high concentration of hydrophobic amino-acids and increased capacity to hold moisture. Reinforces the cohesion of corneocytes. Restores and repairs the cutaneous micro-relief. Improves the general protection of the skin as well as improves the cohesion of cuticulary hair scales. Bio-Keratin PF is substantive to hair’s keratin. Used in the treatments for skins lacking protection (altered because the aggression of environmental factors), colorless hair (altered from hair treatments and UV irradiation), eyebrows and eyelashes (to protect and condition them, and to form an homologous substantive microfilm as protection), creams, lotions, shampoos, rinse-off or rinse-on products as well as in protective make-ups.

Bio-Keratin PF Product details

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INCI Names
  • AQUA
Use Level
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Regulatory Status
Bio Based
Bio Based Content Comments
Obtained from a controlled bio-hydrolysis of native proteins coming chicken feathers
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