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Application Date:
Nov 19, 2015
USPTO Patent:
US 14807946

A method of making an antiperspirant active composition and the use of a heating step at elevated temperature to convert Al13 polyhydroxyoxoaluminum cations in the species detectable by 27Al NMR within an aqueous al...

Iraklis Pappas, Pennsauken NJ (US)
Long Pan, Cherry Hill NJ (US)
International Classification:
A61K 8/28 (20151119); A61Q 15/00 (20151119); A61K 8/44 (20151119); A61K 8/26 (20151119)


What is claimed is:

1. A method of making an antiperspirant active composition comprising: I) heating an aqueous solution containing a first aluminum salt having an aluminum to chloride molar ratio of 0.3:1 to 3:1 and a buffer, wherein the buffer is an amino acid or betaine and a molar ratio of buffer to aluminum...


This application is a divisional application of application Ser. No. 13/882,488, with a 371 filing date of 29 Apr. 2013, which is a 371 application of Application No. PCT/US2010/55030, filed on 2 Nov. 2010, all of which are incorporated herein by reference.

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