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The Characterization of Waterborne Adhesives

Accelerate your waterborne adhesives developments by better characterizing polymers and adhesive formulations using common parameters (Tg, molecular weight…). David Horwat will discuss how to link...


Selecting Plasticizers for Adhesives and Sealants Formulation

Limit time spent on your plasticizers selection with a structured review of best suited chemistries vs applications. Ed Petrie will also share a testing and validation process to evaluate...


DMA Graphs Made Easy for Adhesive & Sealant Developments

Improve your Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) interpretation skills and benefit from an effective support for your adhesives & sealants developments (ingredient selection, performance...


Compatibilizers for Base Paint and Colorant: Optimal Selection and Use

Save time & money and prevent issues such as «rub-up» and instability in coatings & paints by selecting the right compatibilizer for your base paint and colorant. Johan Bieleman will share his...


US Patents (America Invents Act): Critical Changes for R&D People

'America Invents Act' has brought a radical change to the way patents are prosecuted and challenged. Clarify the changes brought by this Act on your daily developments & most importantly their...


DMA in Practice: PSA Formulation Optimization

Accelerate your PSA developments and reach faster the performance required by your customers with an improved use of DMA results. It will help you to better select your tackifiers, plasticizers and...


Printed Electronics: Coatings & Inks Conductive Fillers Selection

Optimize your printed electronics cost-efficiency by better selecting your conductive inks based on practical performance criteria (beyond producers’ resistivity claims) and applications (RFID...


Debonding on Demand Structural Adhesives: Strategies & Future Opportunities

Get ready for next-to-come request from your automotive, E&E, aerospace...customers: debonding-on-demand. Attend this course & benefit from a comprehensive mapping of formulation strategies...


Solving Surface / Interfacial Tension Issues (Wetting, Leveling…)

Achieve better performance (wetting, flow- and leveling, substrate wetting, color development...) and solve faster typical issues related to high surface tension by adjusting additives and loadings...


DMA in practice: Predict & optimize faster adhesive performance

Timely optimize your formulations and better predict your adhesive performances by attending this advanced course on Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), presented by our industry expert Derek...


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